Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Break - Moab Day 3 - Rock Climbing

It was our last day.  We checked out of the campground and stashed the pop-up in a parking lot so we could explore "Wall Street."  There are dozens of rock climbs along these cliffs.

We decided to make a quick stop for a climb.  First Wes pretty much walked up the side of the cliff to hang the rope.

Cate reached the top of our climb...but look at the sheer cliffs above her.  Pretty dramatic!
 I-man was next.

Addie.  First with the shoes.
Then without the shoes.
Little sister says "I want to try that!"
Lastly...Mom.  Yep - they talked me into it.  It's been a long time since I put that harness on!  Wes bought it for me for my birthday before we were even married!
I guess it's a good thing for my kids to see that I can actually do other things besides take pictures!
Moab is a wonderland of outdoor activities!  We only touched the surface of all the things there are to do.  But we had a fantastic time!


Jennette said...

Looks like such a great little family get away. I looove Moab--it's been too long for me. How great!

Susan said...

What an awesome family vacation. I wish I had started climbing at your girls' age - I'd be a total rock star by now! Thanks for sharing :)