Friday, October 21, 2011

Braces Be Gone!

Yep - the days of braces are over for Addie.  It seems like just yesterday when she got them on!  
She was sooooooo happy!  Loving her "slimy" teeth and dazzling smile! 
Addie was absolutely vigilant about following the rules while she had braces.  She didn't eat gum, caramel, carrot sticks or popcorn.  The two times I pressured her into eating popcorn ("come on Addie - everyone does it!") her brackets broke off - I felt like a horrible mom!  We bought her three big bags of popcorn the day she got them off.  She was loving life - loving her new teeth - and then two days later...
Bam!  She got injured playing laser tag.  It was painful and she couldn't even open her mouth!  Poor thing.

I am happy to report she is almost completely healed and looking lovely!
Braces.  1 down and 3 to go.


Ann Mitchell said...

GORGEOUS SMILE, ADDIE! Sorry about the hurt lip! Hope all is going well for you in school!

Julie said...

Addie gets more beautiful everyday!