Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Really Exciting Stuff...

We had a fantastic babysitter for our kids while we were gone. But I think what she had to deal with was much more than she bargained for!

On Thursday Addie went from this:

To this: Of course this was not a surprise. But she ended up being pretty miserable and I felt really bad for not being there to support her.

On Friday Jasper the kitty got sick. He just threw up a couple of times - as cats sometimes do - but it worried the kids and again, I felt bad that Jane had to deal with the clean-up. Yuck!

On Saturday Isaac was at a birthday party at Jump On It (I know, I know - we were asking for it, right?). He landed wrong on his left wrist and heard a loud snap. Right as he became aware of it, two large guys bounced him and he landed on his left wrist a second time. A man realized what had happened, threw Isaac over his shoulder and carried him to my friend who was hosting the birthday part. One look at his wrist and she could tell it was a bad break. Off to the ER! My friend Sue took some pictures of his arm while they waited 30 minutes before they could get authorization from my parents to give him some Morphine. She told me he was like a "little man of steel." He told me "it was like a dream!"

Our babysitter Jane showed up with Addie at the ER 45 minutes later so Sue could get back to the birthday party. Addie walked into Isaac's room and burst into tears. I think she cried enough for the both of them! She was so worried for him. At this point we were just getting back from Cozumel when we received the news. Wes was able to speak with the doctor right after he reset Isaac's arm (they had sedated Isaac at that point thankfully). The doctor said that Isaac was doing great and that everything would be fine. He texted the x-ray images to Wes so we had a pretty good idea of how bad the break was. 3 1/2 hours later - they all came home. Isaac's arm was splinted and in a sling.

Jane handled all of this so well! And thanks to the friends and neighbors that helped out with babysitting, etc. We really felt that all of our children were in good hands during it all. So grateful!

Yesterday I-man got his cast on. The nurse said they see many breaks at their office - and that his was definitely a bad one. He chose the color green and is excited to go to school today to have it signed by his classmates. Unfortunately this means a cancelled basketball camp and no cello for six weeks. The good news is that he can still play tennis, swim and play the piano with one hand (I am sure he is thrilled about that one). Oh - and he can still play Wii. Thank heavens!!

The little girls got pretend casts of their own!

So that is what happened while we were gone. But it didn't end there. We got home Sunday and the next day Sarah Jane got a fever and threw up. And it was a snowstorm outside! Back to reality!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Last Couple Days

Friday was the day of our excursion "Tulum Xtreme - Over the Edge"! That is really what is was called! Even though it was raining and cloudy when we woke up - it turned out to be a great day (except for the humidity, ugh!). We were in a group of 12 people with our tour guide - Jorge. Our first stop was Tulum - a site of ancient Mayan temple ruins located right next to the ocean.

Our tour guide at Tulum was none other than a man named...Mosiah. Wearing a BYU hat. How cool is that? We quickly made the Mormon connection and he told us he wanted to talk to us privately after the tour. Mosiah was very knowledgeable - having studied archeology and anthropology in Mexico city. He also is a "son of the Mayan". His tour was fascinating. But even more so when he shared his theories of threads of Christianity woven into their religion - what he believes to be remnants of the beliefs of the people of the Book of Mormon. He actually leads LDS tours as a business. See his website HERE. He is a third generation Mormon and currently serves as the Branch President in his area. Pretty cool guy.

After Tulum we traveled for about 1 hour into the heart of the dense jungle. Here we snorkeled in a freshwater underground cave called a cenote (se-note-ay)...
Did a free-fall rappel...

Then went on a zip line between three towers for a total of 1,932 feet! Over the edge baby!

The last day of our vacation we took the ferry over to Cozumel. Here we rented a scooter and drove to a couple of coves and went snorkeling. The water was warm and crystal clear. We saw some beautiful sea life including a purple lobster! We walked through the shops and then headed back to the mainland just in time for our massages. Ahhhh! It was an early bedtime because we had to wake up at 3:00 AM to catch the shuttle to the airport.

And was back to reality. And believe me - we got a pretty good dose of reality! Stay tuned.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The First Couple Days

We narrowly escaped the gauntlet of time-share salesman at the Cancun airport.

We successfully evaded our shuttle driver when he claimed that he was the only one we could trust in planning our excursions - "Speak to no one but Armando!"

We felt ready to face the vendors on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen! We bartered a bit and ended up with some fun souvenirs for the kids - including a leather whip, a hammock, some earrings, worry dolls, and a Nacho Libre mask for Isaac. Nachooooooo is alive and well in Mexico!

It was windy along the beach but we took a stroll admiring the turquoise blue water.

We stopped at a cafe offering two-for-one drinks and thought we would each order a drink for one price. I guess "drinking" doesn't work that way. We both ended up with two of each of what we ordered - virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. And of course some chips and salsa. A Mariachi band stopped to serenade us and it all felt very ethnic!

The next day we decided to just hang out at the resort. We took a long walk down the beach, played some tennis, went swimming, ordered some food and drinks and relaxed on the beach reading our books.

Funny story. Near where we were sitting we noticed one of the resort staff trying to organize a 4 on 4 football game and they needed an extra guy. They recruited Wes and he decided to join. Without going into too much detail, let's just say that Wes was the smallest and the whitest guy in the game. And I would bet that a few of those men had played college sports. So I watched with trepidation as the game began. It was obvious from the start that Weston's team was at a disadvantage based on the size of their players. It wasn't looking good until...Wes made an incredible catch as he tumbled into the shrubbery. One point. The other players were thoroughly impressed with this little white guy after that move! And guess what? He did it again! He sacrificed his body as he dove into the shrubbery to make his teams' only other point. Well, the other team won of course but at least Wes left the game feeling respected (and a little scratched up)!

The players:
The shrubbery:

Coming up next: Extreme Tulum Adventure!!!

Anniversary 2010

A little virus called H1N1 prevented our trip to Cancun scheduled for last year so in honor of our 15th anniversary this year - we decided to make another attempt.

We stayed in a lovely resort called Secrets Capri near Playa Del Carmen. My next few posts will be reviewing our trip and then after that I will post about the really exciting stuff - everything that happened while we were gone!!!

The major downer of the trip was that it wasn't the best weather. It was usually clear during the day but in the late afternoon, the clouds would roll in and it rained almost every evening we were there. Oh well. We made the best of it! Here are a few shots of the hotel:

This "Honeymoon" sign was on our door. Huh?

It was an all-inclusive resort so of course the food was amazing.

The view from our balcony on a cloudy afternoon.

The lobby.

The spa was very luxurious! We each got two massages. The first time we went they put us through the hydrotherapy circuit in order to "detoxify our organism." It consisted of a steam room, a sauna and then getting in and out of hot and cold showers and pools. It was supposed to be a cleansing and relaxing experience but we were laughing pretty hard the whole time. If you know me you'll know how I feel about "toxins." Don't look too closely at this picture. Wes looks as fresh as a daisy but I look like someone who has been at the beach all day - which is the truth.
These little guys were running all over the walls of the hotel. Not in the rooms silly!

And these big guys were all over the grounds of the hotel!

Let the adventure begin!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Recital Weekend

It was a busy weekend with both dance and vocal recitals.
Here are some pictures of our little dancer getting ready for her second dance recital (she had one the night before).

She thought it was pretty silly that I was taking pictures of her eating her lunch.

Next was Addie's vocal recital. (This is the same dress she wore almost two years ago but I can't believe how much older she looks now!)

They were supposed to dress wacky for the last group song.
Her solo was "Barking at the Moon" from Bolt. Wes was on the guitar and I sang back-up vocals. It was pretty fun and she did an awesome job!
We are so grateful for the devoted grandparents and great-grandparents that come to support our kids! (Jan and Eldine should have been in this picture too.)