Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Month of May

The month of May was busy with vocal recitals, dance recitals, preschool graduations, scout advancements and of course, Memorial Day.

Addie and Cate performed with the On Broadway Academy
Addie sang "Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl and was amazing!
 She also performed a tap number from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  It was so darling and probably my favorite part of the show!

 Cate performed as well but I wasn't able to get any pictures.  However, I did photograph her ready for her dance concert.
Cate my lovely dancer!
My baby graduated from preschool.  I love preschoolers - especially 4 year olds. 

 Isaac earned his First Class and bunch of merit badges.  He is counting down the days (months actually) until he can be in boy scouts with his dad!
 We spent Memorial Day visiting graves and spending the day with family.  Here Kip, Isaac and Sarah are placing flowers on my brother Peter's grave.  He was born several years before me and only lived a couple of months.  But his tiny grave has always been so special to our family.


For memory's sake, I can't neglect to mention that the first half of May was almost completely consumed by the school carnival - of which I was a chairman again.  Whew!  After two years I think it is time to turn it over to someone else.

Needless to say - May of 2012 was one very busy month!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Update and Eclipse Viewing

We had a nice evening enjoying the absence of the diggers and a glimpse of the eclipse.

We didn't have any special glasses or scopes so we improvised.  The girls wore a couple pairs of sunglasses and Isaac used the welding mask he made for scouts.  That definitely gave us the best view.
4 pairs

5 pairs!
The beginnings of the garage:
This is where our grass hill and sandbox used to be.
That gravel pit is just too tempting. 
I think I can guess who in our family gave the kids this idea...
Isaac's awesome jump - with a little peeping Sarah in the background.

I tried to take some pictures of the eclipse and I thought that none of them turned out but if you look closely you can actually see a reflection of the eclipse.  I am not sure how this happened...
Pretty cool!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're at it again...

As is our usual routine - once the weather warms up - our thoughts turn to the outdoors and what things we can do to improve our yard.  This time?  A detached garage.
First - the hole.  Second - the foundation.  Here they are pumping cement.

The pump stretched all the way over the trees!

Wes even got to try his hand at working the back hoe.
It was a little tricky at first but he got the hang of it pretty quick.
Then the professionals took over for some major digging.  You can see the foundation in the background.
Then the even bigger front loader showed up with the dump truck.  They hauled away a lot of dirt!  Except for a few loads that were delivered to some grateful neighbors.  I didn't know dirt was such a commodity!
On another note...I had to take a picture of this cute chalk drawing Sarah made of me and her.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a nice and eventful Mother's Day weekend. First - I attended a Mother's Day picnic at SJ's preschool. I am not one to get overly sentimental about my baby growing up but I admit I choked up a bit this time. She was just so cute!

I woke up to this scene on Mother's Day morning.  Yep - Sarah is in a robot costume (Addie made it for her).

How did I get so lucky to be their mom?

We had Mother's Day dinner at my parents' house where the men fixed a very yummy dinner.  Then Grandma opened her presents.
We all hung out in her bedroom and watched.
One of Sarah's favorite activities at Grandma's house is to organize her earrings.
I love my mother.  She is the loveliest, most creative, most passionate, most remarkable person that I have ever known.  She is the voice inside my head - and I wouldn't have it any other way.
As a gift to her children, my mother (and father) made cake stands out of heirloom plates.  My grandmother hand-painted this plate in 1920.  
I think it is lovely!

And we can't forget the other big happening of the weekend.  Addie sliced the tip off her finger.  Fortunately Wes had just walked in the door from a scout camping trip.  We rushed to the clinic where he was able to dress the wound.  And no - we never found the tip.  It probably couldn't have been stitched on anyway.  Poor girl!
We think it will heal up just fine.

Happy Mother's Day to all!