Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Break - Moab Day 2 - Fisher Towers

The hike to Fisher Towers was another first for me!  This was a spectacular hike that isn't extremely strenuous.  Highly recommended!
This was our view from the parking lot.

I am starting to notice a pattern...Wes and the kids 20 feet in front of me.  I think this might be my view for the rest of my life - with the distance separating us getting longer and longer!
This kind of reminds me of the drip castles we used to make at the beach with Julie.

This place is other worldly!
We knew that this was a very popular place for extreme rock climbers and were lucky enough to spot some on our hike.  
The height of these cliffs just can't be captured in photos!
We kept track of the progression of the rock climbers as we continued on our hike.  We met a man who was scouting out the area for a commercial shoot.  He had some extra time and was photographing these climbers.  He told us the lead climber was a tiny blonde woman.  We didn't get to see it - but their final destination is the very tip top of that farthest Left tower.  Yikes!

We thought it was appropriate that we had goldfish and Swedish fish on our hike to Fisher Towers.
The film scout kindly offered to take our family picture.  You can barely see them but the rock climbers are on the cliffs behind us.
See my family hiking at the bottom of the cliffs?
 The little girls and I turned back early and enjoyed a nice leisurely hike back to the car.  Wes, Addie and Isaac hiked on further but ended up back at the car about the same time because they ran the whole way back! (Wes is reading Born to Run right now.)

We finally finished this hike and then ate lunch at Slickrock Cafe.  Then we headed to Dry Valley for an afternoon of rappelling...we'll save that for the next post.  


Anna said...

We did hat hike a couple of years ago. So great. And I loved born to run. Great book!

Rachel said...

These are great pictures! It's great to see you guys having fun.

Julie said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure the real thing was quite spectacular!! Cute pointing Spencer fingers. Great shadow photo. FUN. Love to read about your trips. Amazing!

Julie said...

oh, and thank-you for the mention of my name. drip castles. I agree!