Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Notice the matching jammies - father and son.

Notice Addie's face in the background as Cate fills her new gumball machine.
Sarah loves her new books...
...and her bouncer ball.
There she goes!
Millie loved her new cat toys.

Addie made these fun discovery bottles for Sarah.

Here are a few other photos to remember.
First - our traditional puzzle was finished within the first few days of the Christmas beak - mostly by Addie.  Her she is putting in the last piece.

We celebrated the official Christmas Eve at Grandpa Dave and Connie's house.  It was a luau celebration with tropical decorations, yummy food and a shell necklace for each person.  It was such a great party!  The cousins did a nativity there as well.

Another wonderful Christmas has come and gone and with the help of my kids - I have already taken down my decorations.  Such a good feeling!

The Christmas Festivities 2011

My family's traditional Christmas Eve:

My mom's Santa collection:

The Guests:

The Program: (sorry for the fuzzy pictures - I have a flash phobia)
A couple of vocal solos...

Tess told a joke...
These brothers did a Santa skit...
I-man did a piano solo...
Addie sang a solo and then the two of them performed a cello/piano duet that they had composed called, "The Fire of Winter."  It's pretty awesome - I will try to put in on youtube someday.
She shared some artwork...
The parents had a special presentation for us.  They shared a touching true story about a Christmas when my dad's mother was a child - The Story of the Christmas Socking. 
They gave each family a copy of the story with a replica of a vintage Christmas stocking.  It is truly a treasure.
Then it was on to the Nativity:

SJ took her role as "Mary" very seriously!  She held very, very still - which for her is highly unusual.
A couple of lovely angels:
A handsome wise man.  There was a shepherd too but his picture did not turn out.

Finally, a very kind and caring "Joseph."
Time for dessert and presents!

The most exciting presents were the red-ear slider turtles that my parents presented to "J," Cate and SJ.
Introducing "Speedy"
And "Rosie"
The kids were thrilled!
Kip also received a very special present - the pocket watch that belonged to his namesake.

It was a wonderful evening - turtles and all!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dear Husband's Birthday Blast

I had something really, really big planned to celebrate my dear husband's birthday.  Sadly this event had to be postponed and I will hopefully post about it when it comes to pass.
In the meantime I wanted to do something extra fun to celebrate this special day.  So we planned a last minute party - bowling, pizza and laser tag.  Right up his alley (pun intended!).
Photos taken by my phone...poor quality.
The party was fun for all - young and old!

I started off with two spares and a strike...and then I completely fell apart and had a poor finish.

Even Grandma took a turn!
The onlookers.
The birthday boy had a pretty good game!

Brian is the expert bowler of the family - he really had that ball spinning!
After bowling it was time for pizza, dessert and presents.

We finished off the party with two awesome games of laser tag.  Wes loved every minute of it!
And I love him.