Friday, February 29, 2008

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

As I have mentioned before, I love going to concerts if I know and love the music. So I was pretty excited to hear that The Police are coming in July. Yep - already got tickets!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Week

Much to do this week!

We get to see Isaac in his school play, Calamity James

Addie has a gymnastics meet

I get to hear Julie Beck speak

Wes continues to work slowly but surely on prepping the bathroom for the shower and tile installation. With what little time he has had to work on it, it is amazing how much he has accomplished! After completely ripping out the shower and floor, he replaced the drywall, rewired our built-in ironing board, nailed in boards for placement of the subfloor, moved the toilet pipes so our toilet can be closer to the wall (more room for the shower), and replaced the plumbing pipes for the toilet and the shower. This is not really "work" for him - this is pure enjoyment. He loves using his new tools (he finally had an excuse to buy a sawzall - and he can't stop talking about how much he loves this saw!) and taking measurements and doing math to figure things out. He only wishes he had more time to work on it.
I don't know if I will get around to much blogging. We'll see!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wedding Bells!

Weston's mother got married last night! Congratulations Jan and Don - we are very excited for you and wish you the best in your new life together!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Cake Blast

SJ's birthday was last week but I finally got the time to upload the videos of her eating her cake. Better late than never, right?!
The first video is the musical candle and the singing and SJ discovering her cake. Listen for me saying something about how great it would be if we didn't have to give her a bath after. (It's a little long - about 4 minutes but I don't know how to edit.)
The second video is when she really starts having fun - mainly motivated by her siblings' hysterical laughter. Watch for the kids taking cover from flying bits of birthday cake!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

As noted before, I have never been very good at scrapbooking or journaling about my kids' development. Initially I made an effort to at least put photos in albums and every few months, I included a list of the fun things the kids were doing at that age. Sadly, Addie has 3 books up to age 3, Isaac only has one and Cate? Well, she got lumped in with the other kids when I created a book that covers all three kids over the space of three years. Oh dear. Anyway, the kids were looking through their books the other day and were laughing about things I recorded that they said as toddlers. I was so glad that I had taken the time to remember just a few of those quirky little thoughts!

Addie -

"Chuga, Chuga, Chuga, Church Shoes!"

"Meat loaf, sweet chariot, comin' fore to carry you home!"

"I nuv it" (I love it) "See ya nater"

"Heebie Geebie" (spagehtti) "gumminana" (banana)

"Can I have a plastic of water?" (can I have a glass of water?)

Isaac -

"Where does my rain coat live?"

"Is Paul Bunyan Russian?"

"I feel like I am going to squeak!" (he said this on his first day of preschool because he was so excited)

"When I grow up, I want to be Addie"

"Eeedend" (the end)

Cate - Sadly this will be the first time I have recorded anything for her. And she says such cute and random things! Here are a few...

"Ungle bar" (granola bar) "breaktist" (breakfast)

We were playing the game - I'm Thinking of an Animal and Cate was "it." We were all asking questions trying to figure out what animal she was thinking of - "is it a mammal?" "does it have fur?" "does it live in the ocean?" We could not figure it out! Finally Cate said, "it has four legs....and it's a leaf!"

Cate had some M&Ms and Isaac was trying to get her to give him one. Cate: "You have to let me pet something." Isaac: "I'll let you pet my elephant." Cate: "It has be real." Isaac: "I don't have a real elephant!" (he just had a stuffed animal) Cate: "It has to be stuffed up and real." She pet Isaac's stuffed elephant and then gave him an M&M.

"At church we speak Mormish" and when she was getting tired during Sacrament Meeting, "Mom, I'm church-sick!" (I guess she had heard the kids use terms like "homesick" and "carsick")

"When I was born, I went to earthem. Grandma, do you know where earthem lives? It lives in Bethlehem"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Come on Couple 100!!!!

I kind of have an affinity for dancing movies and Strictly Ballroom is one of my all time favorites. If you haven't seen it - you should. But be aware that it is not meant to be taken too seriously. It was directed by Baz Luhrmann so it definitely has a different "feel" to it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today we had a birthday bash for my mom and Sarah Jane. A lot of the family was there (even Tess' German Shepherd, Czar. He spent most of the time in the car except for when the cousins that were brave enough took him for walks around the yard). We had a yummy lunch of sweet pulled pork burritos (think Cafe Rio) and fruit. Kip made my mom's favorite, "chocolate cake with a custard like center". Here she is ready to blow out the candle.

What a cute couple!

Isn't she lovely?

I think I know where Sarah Jane gets her blue eyes

The birthday girls

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Paper Globes

I saw these Valentine paper globes featured on Design Mom and I thought they were so pretty! I found the instructions and templates on HELLO My Name is Heather and it seemed like a project that my older kids would enjoy. We decided to make one for grandparents and teachers for Valentine's Day. I was delighted that the kids could actually do most of the project without my help. I would highly recommend getting the instructions and templates off of Heather's blog if you decide to attempt this. I think this would be cute for any holiday - Easter, July 4th and especially Christmas.

Each globe is made of 20 paper circles. When I made the first one to see how difficult it was, I traced and cut the circles by hand. That is doable but is a little time consuming. After I borrowed this circle-cutting tool from a friend - it was super easy and quick to cut the circles. I have got to get myself one of these! I guess they are used for scrapbooking which is why I have never seen one before. None of that going on at my house unfortunately!

Cutting out the circles was the only part of the project that the kids did not participate in. The next step is to place a triangle in the center of each circle and score the paper along the edges of the triangle. Then fold the paper along those score lines. (Yes, Addie is using one of those corn cob handles to score her paper. Hey - I needed something pointed but not too sharp! As you can see we are little short on craft tools around here.)

Using a glue stick, paste together five triangles to form the top and bottom of the globe.

Then glue the remaining ten triangles together to form the middle ring.

Assemble the globe by gluing the three pieces together. Before gluing the top on we strung a piece of ribbon through the hole at the top and taped it on the inside to make a loop so the globe can be hung.

I liked how Heather hung beads and a little heart from the bottom of her globe but we didn't have the materials for that. But I still think they turned out really cute.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday SJ!

Well she's one year old. I can't believe it! Where did the time go? It just seems like yesterday. So bear with me as I remember (in more detail than you probably care to know) ... February 12th, 2007 6:30 am - I drove myself to the hospital, checked myself in, they placed an IV, started Pitocin, and I received an epidural. All before Wes even showed up. No worries - this was all part of the plan. For several reasons including not wanting to burden a babysitter that early in the morning and the fact that it was Dads and Donuts Day at the kids school, we decided it would be best if I started the process alone. At first I thought - what? No husband during the beginning hours of labor? It's just not how it's done! But the more we discussed it - it was only logical. Anyway, it wasn't a big deal at all. Wes showed up a few hours later and it all worked out. And a few hours after that, Sarah Jane was born. It was probably the most pleasant delivery of all my kids. Seriously! No complications, not too painful - but still just enough work to make me feel like I accomplished something (don't worry - the hard part was yet to come).

It was a nice day with visits from family and friends. Sarah Jane was beautiful with quite a bit of brown hair. She was small - just 6 lb 12 oz. I was just keeping my fingers crossed at this point thinking - maybe she will be a good baby. Isaac was a dream baby but my other girls were little fuss budgets (what does that phrase mean, anyway? Oh well). But we would have to wait and see! We did have a little scare at the hospital. Wes, my kids and parents were visiting - the baby was laying on the bed and the kids were trying to get her to suck on a pacifier. Suddenly she started choking, Wes lifted her off the bed and she started to turn blue. I was trying to stay calm in front of the kids suggesting to Wes that maybe he take her down to the nursery to do whatever he felt like needed to be done. He was patting her quite hard on the back and suctioning her out with the bulb suction (he's a pediatrician in case anyone who is reading this doesn't know). She just was not clearing whatever was preventing her from taking a breath! It was a scary and tense few minutes. After enough suctioning and stimulation she finally took a breath. Whew. That night as I watching the news I heard about a shooting a Trolley Square...

We tired to be so careful about the kids washing their hands and using hand sanitizer before they touched the baby, but at about 1 and 1/2 weeks when the baby had a little cough with some noisy breathing - we dreaded the worst. It turned out that she had Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and when we took her into the clinic, her oxygen saturation was low enough that normally she would have been admitted to the hospital. However, Wes was able to arrange for home oxygen administration and suctioning. It was a frightening and stressful experience. There was fasting and prayers and blessings. I was also most grateful that my pediatrician husband was taking care of her every step of the way. It was so comforting to have him around during those nights when she would cough and cough and start to turn blue. I fretfully asked him once in the wee hours of the morning - what will we do if she can't clear the secretions? He calmly stated - we will start rescue breaths and call 911. Yikes! It took about two weeks but she finally pulled through.

After all that wishing and hoping, she turned out to be a fussy baby. Oh well. We got through it. It only lasted a few months but those were some long days and long nights! I started to feel bad for my other kids because I was such a wreck and felt like I was neglecting them. I would cry and apologize and tell them I promised things would get better (ahhh the horomonal post-partum woman!). And they did get better. After about month four Sarah Jane turned into a delightful baby! She started to laugh and babble and play with toys and the kids really started to pay attention! Hey she's pretty cute! Oh they love her to death and that has been the most fun of all. After that I couldn't complain - she was a good sleeper and a good eater and so adorable. She definitely fits the Spencer girl mold but we can't wait to see how her personality blossoms!
Here is a slideshow of my favorite pictures of SJ over the past year...

And here is her photo shoot as a 1 year old...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Desperate For a Good Read

Looking for a good read? Check out the new blog that my friend Anna and I started! You can find it at We just barely created it and there have already been some fabulous recommendations! I love reading the reviews and then what other people have to say in the comment section. Anyone is welcome to contribute. All you have to do is email and we will send you an official invitation. The more contributors the better! Happy reading!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Demolition Day

When we bought this house we knew there were a few home-improvement projects that needed attention ASAP. Well, here we are a year and a half later and we are finally getting to the first major one on our list - the master bathroom. And frankly, we needed to do this project long before now. There had been some leaking and major water damage had been done to the floor and wall. We knew we pretty much needed to put in a whole new bathroom. So, yesterday kind of on a whim, Wes decided to pull up the linoleum and survey the damage. One thing lead to another and we just decided that he might as well do as much of the demolition as possible - it would save us from paying someone else to do it!

He took apart the shower and ripped off all of the tile. Come to find out that the previous owner had laid tile on top of tile in the shower. Kinda wierd....

Here he is wondering how in the world he is going to haul all of the debris out.

Then he gets a great idea!

Here is the room after it's cleared out. Gross. The remodel will begin next week. More updates to come.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Craftsman 8/26

Lest any of you think I am a complete wuss for not using our industrial strength snow-blower. Let me take you through the lesson I received on how to operate it. Then you might understand why I am a little wary. When I watch Wes outside using this thing - it's like he's working a backhoe or something. Here it is - The Craftsman 8/26

1. Plug it in - pretty easy so far!
2. Adjust the choke - huh? (keep in mind I have never operated any kind of vehicle except a car) - according to the sound - the sound? - nevermind, just leave it where it is.....hmmm I recognize some of those symbols
3. Push this lever up - look at that cute little jackrabbit and turtle!
4. Push this primer button 3 times
5. Push this button to start the blower - ok that is pretty straight forward! Oh nooo - we're not even close to being done.
6. Pull this handle down to start the blades
7. Pull this handle down to make it go forward - gotcha! But wait - we're still not done yet!
8. There are drive controls!
9. Use this handle to operate the drive controls, afterall...
The Craftsman 8/26 can go in reverse...
And can be adjusted according the type of snow. Who knew?
10. Use this handle to rotate the little chute where the snow comes out...
Yes - this thing.
But wait! You can adjust the chute with this little knob to control how high the snow will get blowed. After you are done, you put the lever back down (to the turtle :-) to turn it off. Done.
Got all that? Actually, after this little exercise, I feel like I could go out there right now and get the thing runnin' like a striper bass! Maybe I will even surprise Wes and have the driveway cleared before he comes home - so he doesn't have to drive on it and get it all packed down. Oh wait, I already did that. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?