Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 - The Pumpkins and The House Face

Halloween has come and gone and I have many pictures to share.  First is pictures from this year's pumpkin carving party.
Remember this reference to Walt Disney...we will see him again in future posts.
Isaac's friend joined in the fun.

Addie had something big planned.  It was quite elaborate.
Sarah is ready to help Mommy with her pumpkin.
As in years past - Weston's carving usually involves the power tools.

Mommy and Daddy's pumpkins.

The finished products!
Mickey Mouse - designed and drawn by Isaac.
Snacking on Weston's traditional roasted pumpkin seeds.
Sarah's bat.  Isaac's Mickey Mouse.
Mommy's cool design.  "M's" funny face.
Weston's swiss cheese pumpkin.
Addie's Mini-cannibals pumpkin.
Cate's ghost.
All lit up.
One day Uncle Eliott was looking at our house and said, "Your house could be a face!"  Never thought about it that way but those two round windows make great eyes!  Wes and the kids put this scary face together for Halloween.  It turned out really great!

Next up...the costumes!


Jennette said...

So awesome!! I couldn't get it together enough to carve the pumpkins this year, and now seeing how great yours are I'm kind of regretting it. Well done all!

Anna said...

Impressive! And your Moab adventure looks fantastic. Love that place. Sad we didn't get a chance to meet up.

Kip said...

You guys are so creative, and without even using vomit! ;-) These pumpkins are fabulous!

Jen said...

Emily, I can never get over how creative you and your kids are! Seriously--amazing! I love the pumpkins...and the costumes...and btw, I loved seeing all the pictures of your trip a few weeks ago!