Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break - Moab Day 2 - Rapelling

I have a distant relative that owns some property outside of Moab and he had given us permission to rappel on some of the routes he has bolted.

Hang on tight!  Ha ha. This is a trick photo - the girls are actually laying flat on their stomachs.  I just rotated the photo.  It was Addie's idea.
We picked an easy route to start because it was Cate's first time.  Isaac rappelled first to check things out.  
Very interesting white sandstone formation that looks like...Sarah crouched in the fetal position.
Cate was a pro and showed no fear!  

Did I mention poor Sarah was sick the entire trip?  She was such a trooper!
No big deal for Addie.
Cate was up for round two!
Then we moved to a different cliff - just a bit taller.
I belayed from the bottom so taking pictures was tricky.  I was surprised when Cate was the first one to back over the edge!

I-man was really getting some air this time!
Next thing I knew...a second rope came tumbling to the bottom with a request for Isaac to belay.  Addie (with a backpack full of gear) and Wes rappelled at the same time on the same rope - counterbalancing each other.  Clever!

Turkey anyone?
We were all pretty exhausted after this day!


Julie said...

Poor SJ. That is a pitiful looking photo of her bundled and laying on a hard rock. Take better care of sick children. The stomach photo on it's side? Scare me to death. Not funny, Addie.

Ann Mitchell said...

You are making such great memories for your family! Love Addie's braids!