Tuesday, October 18, 2011

England/France - What We Brought Back

All of the treasures and treats we returned with definitely softened the blow of being gone for 2 weeks.  So here is the loot:

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  And an Eiffel Tower key chain for each child.
To remember the Louvre...
Remember the Merci store I loved?  I had to get one of these darling necklaces for each girl in our family.  I love the cellophane bags they came in.  Each gold charm says "merci."  I attached a clasp to the end for easier on and off.
At the antique market at Covent Gardens in London we found a seller with trays of sterling silver charms - there were hundreds of them!  We chose tiny charms that represented our family's interests:  skiing, playing the piano, a cello, a canoe, a bicycle, binoculars and Notre Dame.
This Queen's Guard will be our family Christmas tree ornament this year.
The day we left the Blairs, they accompanied us to the market where Gabby showed us some local goods that would make fun gifts.  School supplies, dishcloths, honey and salt were just a few of the things we purchased.  Very cool to not just bring back touristy items!
Scarves for the girls and some inexpensive but charming jewelry.
A music box for Sarah Jane - it plays Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.  We purchased it at Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop in London.
For Isaac - Knights and a pirate journal (that's real leather on the front!)
The kids were thrilled with their gifts!

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katik said...

Wonderful gifts--I'm in love with that music box.