Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Isaac the Budding Artist

One of Isaac's favorite presents was a set of oil paints from Grandma Jan.  He was so excited and couldn't wait to get outside and paint the mountains.  One Sunday he set himself up outside for a painting session.  He did this entirely on his own.  It was so delightful to watch him outside studying the mountains and then putting his brush to the canvas.  He was so focused!  He had just watched an episode of Bob Ross and we were amused when we noticed him drying his brush by whacking it really fast against the side of the table - just like Bob does.  He didn't know we were watching him and taking pictures.  But many neighbors stopped by to admire his work.  One woman even wanted to commission a painting for her cabin!

It's no wonder he wants to paint the mountains!  Look at them!

He is still learning.  Oil painting is not easy!  But he is getting better each time he tries.
I love this kid!!!


Kip said...

Love this post and love this kid! This is so great!

Anna said...

Emily, your kids are really fantastic.

Ann Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

The Harrises said...

My goodness, he's got a talent. I love that he would just go outside and do this.

Julie said...

Awesome Isaac! Truly talented. So fun to see him in action.