Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Birdwatching Trip

I gave Wes a spotting scope for his birthday so we decided to finally put it to use and head out to Fairfield to see the Bald Eagles.  A group of Bald Eagles nest near Camp Floyd every year and we love to see them.  And with our new 9:00 am church schedule - we thought it would be a wonderful afternoon activity.
It was a clear, crisp, wintry day.

Unfortunately we were a little early in the day to see many eagles.  They usually roost in the late afternoon, early evening.  But we did see this one along with several others further away.  Wes set up his spotting scope and we got a very nice view.

Addie is months away from turning 16 and needed to practice her driving so she took the wheel and drove around the quiet, country roads.  We spotted several birds of prey along the way.  A few red-tailed hawks, which are definitely the most common and easy to spot.
Peregrine Falcon?

Many of the birds we had to view from within our car.  They would have flown away if we stepped out.

It was a wonderful family outing!

Cheetah Girl Breaks Her Arm

A couple of days after Christmas, we took the whole family skiing. Sarah did great and we came home without any incidents. Later that evening Wes and I took Isaac and a few of his friends to see The Hobbit.  Addie stayed home to babysit Cate and Sarah.  45 minutes into the movie, Wes got a text from Addie, "I think Sarah broke her arm!!!"  Darn!  We slipped out of the theater with arrangements to come pick up Isaac and his friends after the movie and hurried home.  Sarah was laying on the couch, moaning and then she showed us her arm.  She had been playing cheetah (of course) and climbing on top of the kitchen counter (of course).  She somehow fell off the counter and broke her arm.  Addie said it was very scary and was horrified when she saw Sarah's arm.  Addie screamed a couple of times but then pulled herself together to take care of her sister.  Addie said that Sarah didn't shed a tear.
Wes took Sarah to the ER where they sedated her and then set her arm.
Feeling a lot better after the meds kicked in.

Completely sedated.

After the weekend I took Sarah in to get her cast.  She chose orange because....
...she wanted a cheetah cast!  Of course!

Random Catch-up Photos

Addie's Christmas choir program.  After her major growth spurt - she has caught up with a lot of the girls her age!  Hooray!
Ugly Sweater Day at work.  Steve Erickson let Wes borrow this beauty.
The Ward Christmas Breakfast.

Enjoying the December snow!
Starting our traditional Christmas puzzle.
The kids love to sleep by the Christmas tree - it's one of my favorite traditions too!

Sarah's gymnastics program.

We took Sarah skiing for the first time!  She did a great job and really had a good time.  
That evening, while Wes and I were at a movie with Isaac and a bunch of his friends, she fell off of the kitchen counter and broke her arm!  Details in a separate post...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Things My Mom Wanted to Remember

My mother had a habit of keeping track of quotes, poems and other things that made an impression on her.  She kept them - along with other random bits of information (like a list of 2 letter Scrabble words) - taped to the cupboard doors above her desk.  When my dad moved from the house to his condo, he wanted to keep track of these little gems.  He now has them displayed on a bulletin board where we all can see them.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was magical as always.  I didn't really take any pictures because I just wanted to enjoy the moment.
Isaac was thrilled with his air-trekker stilts!
My family joined us for our traditional family brunch (which has now turned into a lunch).  We try to serve as many of my mother's favorite Christmas brunch foods as possible - breakfast casserole, sausage balls in applesauce, fruit with custard and French chocolate.  It is one of my most favorite meals of the year!

After lunch my dad had a special treat for us.  For their neighbor and friend gifts this year, he and Kip put together small bags of chestnuts with instructions on how to roast them.  Roasted chestnuts have special meaning for my family because they were served fresh every Christmas at Clark's department store back in the 1960s.  My dad had brought a bag for us to roast on Christmas day.  This is the first time I had ever tasted the chestnuts because I wasn't born when my parents were involved with the Clark's department store.

I thought they were delicious and it was so fun to continue this family tradition!
The day was pleasant and relaxing - filled with eating, puzzles and games.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Eve

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve with Grandpa Dave and Grandma Connie.  The meal was amazing and there was even a chocolate fountain for dessert!

Christmas Eve nativity
My kids performed their Christmas songs:  Addie sang "What Child is This?" with Isaac on the cello.
Sarah sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" in Chinese!
And then Sarah got her hands on the camera and started snapping away!

Addie and Cate sang a beautiful duet - "The Star of Bethlehem."  And then we all sang Christmas carols together.  It was a very nice evening.
More of Sarah's photos...