Sunday, September 28, 2014

Charles and Tessa Clark Family Reunion - Oakley, Idaho - Kick-off Meeting

Friday morning we met at the Oakley Firehouse to kick-off the reunion activities for the day.
My dad's cousin's son, Harlow is the fire chief.  We are grateful that he made the arrangements for us to use the firehouse.  It was the perfect location for our gathering.

Reunion check-in to pick up nametags and Kip's get-to-know-you Bingo game.
Katy was in charge of the nametags.

One of our designated photographers - wearing a "Press" tag on his hat.

My dad and Alison helped arrange these lovely display tables with family heirlooms.

Debbie created this fantastic visual genealogy chart.
3 of the 4 siblings still living.  Helen is not in the picture.
The first generation:

Members of the second generation:

Alan - The chief "Press" photographer
Introducing "Charlie" the dog - the reunion mascot
So many people helped behind the scenes - including Wes, my hero.

Approximately 120 of Charles and Tessa's descendants.

Can you see Alan taking a picture of something?
This is what he was taking a picture of.
Opening prayer.
Kip handed out the awards for the winners of the get-to-know-you Bingo game.

Uncle Bill (married to my dad's sister Joan) gave a presentation on the history of Oakley.  He is filled with knowledge on the subject!

We then had a question and answer panel with my dad and his 3 sisters.  We asked them to share memories of their family and growing up in Oakley.

Needless to say, there were a lot of laughs as they reminisced and corrected each other's memories.  Uncle Bill had to join in the fun. 

Bill and my dad were really the only ones that have much of a memory left!

My aunts were so sweet and charming!

Following the panel, we had children of the deceased siblings share histories and memories that their parent had recorded of their time growing up in Oakley.

Amy and Jake were our designated audio/visual people.

Then it was time for our brown bag lunches provided by Clarks for Shopping - the original Oakley Merc!

Kip and Katy provided Startup suckers for dessert.

Next up - Oakley Historical Tour