Monday, October 10, 2011

England/France - Day 10

We drove into Paris, checked into the Sport Hotel, dropped off the rental car and walked to the Gare d'Est to figure out what transportation pass would be best for our 3 days in Paris.  James approached the woman at the ticket office and asked her in French for some help with figuring out what would be best.  She rolled her eyes at us and slid a pamphlet to the edge of the counter.  We didn't get any answers from the pamphlet so James went back to ask more questions.  This woman was incredibly rude!  She started off annoyed and then ended up laughing and mocking James.  And he was even speaking French to her!!  We were feeling a little offended and wanted to go somewhere else - but James kept his cool and kept going back over and over again to ask her more questions!  It was pretty hilarious.
She never did help us - we ended up finding a tourist information office where a nice French woman spoke English and told us what to do.  Then we started our site-seeing!
Pont Neuf in the background
The street vendors on the river Seine

On the Ile de la Cite.  This natural island is considered the center of Paris - and is the location where the Parisii tribe originally settled when they were conquered by the Romans.
Notre Dame is glorious!

We were lucky to enter the cathedral in the middle of a service.  There were recitations and a woman with a beautiful voice leading the congregation in song.
The famous rose window.
Saint Denis is the patron saint of France.  He was the Bishop of France in 250 AD when he was beheaded.

We walked down to the river to get some tickets for an evening cruise.
We stopped at a small creperie on the side of the road.  Wes got a lemon and sugar crepe and I got Nutella with banana.  Yum!

We walked around the tourist shops until it was time for our river cruise.  Paris was absolutely lovely all lit up.
Wes was constantly bringing up Jason Bourne being on the roof of this hotel...
And of course...La Tour Eiffel!

After our river cruise we walked back to the metro past Notre Dame. It was hard to believe we were actually in Paris!!

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