Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Birthday Skirt and a Pinewood Derby Car - in Turquoise Blue

I am so grateful to have Grandma Jan as a sewing mentor for Addie.  I have completely failed her in those regards.  But as a birthday present for Addie - Jan offered to help her sew a skirt made out of old t-shirts (of course, I found the idea on Pinterest).  So I picked up a few old t-shirts at DI.  And they got started...

I am starting to see a color theme...
I must mention that Jan's Aunt Margaret (Eldine's sister) also helped with the project.  She drew the pattern we used to trace the ruffle pieces.
While the sewers were sewing...SJ was trying on tails.

A few days later...ta da!  The finished product!
Well to be honest - we weren't actually finished with the skirt.  At this point we still had the waistband to finish.  But Addie was so determined to wear the skirt - we fixed it with some safety pins.  Note her matching watch that she got for her birthday - again continuing the color theme.
And to continue the turquoise blue theme...
The young women in our ward participated in a Powder Puff Daddy/Daughter  pinewood derby of their own!  Here is Addie's car:
 Thanks to Jeff for the decals :-)
And like Isaac did before her...she installed some awesome lights! 

All this celebrating and it's not even her birthday yet!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big Election!

Not that election!  The mock election at our elementary school.  Isaac was nominated to run for Vice President for the Patriot party.  He had to come up with a slogan, make a poster, distribute a hand out and give a 2 minute speech to the fifth grade.   

This patriotic jacket has been in my family for years - probably before I was born!  We inherited it from my parents and we dug it out of the costume box.  It fit Isaac like a glove!
As usual - my mom came to the rescue with her box of patriotic paraphernalia she has saved over the years.  That is where the hats came from and of course, Uncle Sam.
Isaac drew the bodies to go with Ben and Isaac's heads.
Ben's mom, who is very clever and creative, created these stickers that the boys could hand out to their classmates.

The results are in...and guess what?  They won!  Introducing the new Vice President of the 5th grade class!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adding to the Memories

On Saturday our dear friends Mat and Micki and their family visited for lunch.  Because of the lovely weather we opted for a quick trip up the canyon for some rock climbing.

Mat and Micki's son was pretty awesome climbing in bare feet!

We are so excited to have Mat and Micki living close.  We have so many fun memories with them - we are excited to continue to make more!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Well we've got another asthmatic in the family.
About 3 weeks ago Max started having episodes where it sounded like he was coughing up a fur ball.  It went on for about two weeks and got worse and worse.  His coughs sounded more like wheezing and we could hear "crackles" when he breathed.  We did a little research online and discovered that feline asthma is actually very common and often mistaken for hairballs.

We called our local vet and after hearing the costs of the visits, x-rays, etc - Wes decided to treat Max himself.  After some auscultation with his stethoscope Wes thought that asthma might be a possibility but also wondered if Max might have a respiratory infection - like pneumonia.  He administered a few medications including a dose of albuterol and an amoxicillan concoction he created.  I wish so much I could have snapped a photo of the make-shift inhaler/spacer that Wes created for Max.  He cut a hole in the end of a plastic cup, placed the cup over Max's head and gave him a puff of albuterol.  Max Freaked Out!!!  Anyway it all seemed to help at first but by the end of five days we could tell that Max wasn't getting any better.  We decided it was time for the vet to take over.

I took Max in today and he was diagnosed with feline asthma.  Fortunately we avoided the x-rays but he did receive an injection of long-acting steroids that will hopefully help for several months.  Poor Kitty!

  Believe it or not he loved his cage and didn't want to come out.  He kept going back in every chance he got. Who could blame him?  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Early Birthday Celebration

We had a family birthday party for Addie a little early this year.  We celebrated it on St. Patrick's Day!  So there was a lot of green...
 Kip has worn this tie on St. Patrick's day since elementary school!

 Can you find my mom's green shamrock?
The St. Patrick's day rebel!
Our St. Patrick's day feast...
My dad made this rainbow fruit plate.  Uncle Kip made yummy pumpkin muffins with a green cream cheese center. 
Barbecued spare ribs with green mashed potatoes.  
And rainbow jello for dessert (very time consuming and I sort of messed it up but it is what Addie wanted!)
The birthday girl.  Almost 14 years old!!!!  I can hardly believe it!
Baby sister made this card

Her friends' party is still yet to come...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Just Might be Around the Corner

The weather has been glorious!  Today we decided to give Cottontail a chance to stretch his little bunny legs. Not sure why Max chose to rest and observe in the cage...

Cottontail is a much milder bunny than Flopsy and Mospy were.  And Sarah really puts him to the test!

A true sign of Spring for me - violets.  The first few blooms.  These violets were transported from my childhood home to our yard a few years ago.  Violets are very nostalgic for me.  They bring back memories of being a little girl playing in the yard among the apricot blossoms, lilacs and Lily of the Valley.  I would pick small bouquets to put in my mother's bud vases.  My mother would gather violets to toss in salads or coat them with sugar to garnish the top of desserts.  I love violets and having them here is like having a piece of home.  

Sarah spreading her love among all of our animals...

I don't know how long this will last but it feels great!