Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 4th!

We were only home for 1 week before we left for Canada, but we were happy to be in town for the Fourth of July!  The family picnic and games is always a favorite for my family.

 Two lovebirds.
 Brad and Heather are the game heroes!

 Heather - the other photographer.
 That one race where you have to carry each other, link arms and make monster sounds.  

 That other game where you have to wiggle on your hands and knees through the crowd of bodies to get to the other side.  Do these games have names?

 The spectators.
 A classic - spoon and potato race.

 The winner!

 Photo Bomber!

 After the picnic we cooled off in our neighbor's pool.  That evening we drove into the foothills where the entire valley gave us a firework show!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Trip to the East - Washington D.C.

We said our final farewells to La Vallee and drove to Washington D.C.  We only had one afternoon to spend there before driving to visit our dear friends Becca and James who had offered to host us for the night.  But we made the most of the few hours we had in this wonderful city!
When in a hurry what better than a hot dog from a hot dog stand for lunch!
Just like the picture!

We visited the Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural History.  And saw a few monuments from afar.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening with this lovely family.  They were so generous and welcoming.  Wish we could have stayed longer!  Beautiful Becca!
An evening stroll around their neighborhood, taco dinner, movie for the kids and the guys with a late night Wendy's run, late night talking for the girls, delicious waffles and skillet potatoes for breakfast - who could ask for anything more!
So sad to say farewell.  

Summer Trip to the East - Virginia - Colonial Williamsburg

One of the days we visited Colonial Williamsburg.  It was very interesting and fun even in the sweltering humidity and heat!
Cedar shingles.
The meat house.
A kitchen functioning as it would in the 1700s.

The basket weaver.

The jail.
The wigmaker's shop - probably our favorite place to visit!

Homemade rootbeer!
The highlight of the day was when this band of fifes and drums marched down the street.  We all started to follow them to central square for a reenactment.