Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baked Alaska Blunder

Have you heard of a Baked Alaska? It is an elegant dessert with ice cream, cake and meringue that is one of my mom's specialties - usually saved for very special occasions.  She has made this many times before with success - she is a wonderful cook!  This is one example of what a Baked Alaska might look like.
With Shawn, Miles and Micaela visiting from out of town - my mom and dad hosted a lovely dinner to celebrate the occasion.  And for dessert?  Baked Alaska!  Except...it didn't work out quite like they planned.  The first problem was the meringue turned out to be too thin and ran all over the plate.  We all chuckled and reassured my mom that it would still turn out great!  My dad broke out the propane torch to turn this...ummm....dessert into something truly spectacular!  We were all optimistic even as we made references to THIS.

Hopes were still high even as the propane torch slowly ran out of gas.
But as my mom cut into the dessert for the very first slice - it became clear that something was very wrong.  See the faces on the sidelines?
Someone - and I won't say who - forgot to remove the plastic wrap from the molded ice cream and cake before pouring the meringue on top.  Oops.  Big oops.
It was quite a mess!
Believe it or not - once the plastic wrap was removed - we were able to salvage the meringue and the yummy goodness below.  The Baked Alaska was saved!  And served.

But see how pretty the dessert looks when sliced?  It all turned out delicious in the end.  And now we have a great story to show for it. Thanks to Isaac for thinking fast to take pictures.
And yes, I got my mom's permission to post about this event.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage Update

If you know Wes - you know that he has a hankering for woodworking and building. So when his friend asked Wes if he wanted to help frame the new garage, Wes jumped at the chance.
Looking very cool with the giant nail gun.

After a long day's work - they ran out of time and didn't quite finish the job.  Then Wes left for Scout camp feeling a bit discouraged that a week would go by without any progress on the garage.  Well at 6:30 am this morning I heard hammering and drilling.  When I finally peeked out the window two hours later I saw this:

He is going to be thrilled!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day in combination with my birthday at Tess' house this year. My wonderful father.

Tess' house has now turned into a zoo...or farm.  Meet Ping Pong.
And Peanut.
And Potato.
And...I can't remember the other duck's name.
Sarah loves these ducks.  She holds them and hugs them and pets them and they love her.

And among the ducks there were two dogs roaming around.  Gizmo.
And Dingo who was anxious to play fetch with anything from a stick to a coffee can.  All of these animals provided plenty of entertainment for the evening.
My lovely mother.
Even though days had past since my birthday - my family insisted on celebrating.  So thoughtful.

After dinner we decided to visit Tess' new office.  She is currently the National Managing Director of the SUP (Sons of the Utah Pioneers).  We are so proud of her!

Look at her awesome office!
It is a very nice building with two large event halls that were perfect for cartwheels and dancing.
There was even a small stage!
And we almost shipped Sarah off in the mail!
And yes - one very important person was not at this party.  Wes was at home that day preparing for scout camp.  With all the work he had to do - it was impossible for him to get away.  But we really missed him and fortunately we had a little celebration/breakfast in bed earlier that day.
Happy Father's Day to the many "fathers" in my life!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Family Time

My niece has been staying with us before she starts school at BYU - so there has been a lot of extended family time. One evening after dinner we decided to build a fire and have s'mores.
The woman of the hour.  Both she and my nephew graduated from high school this year - I can't believe it!!!  Life is flying by.

Believe it or not - my dad claims that this was his very first s'more.  Ever.  In his life.  He is 78 years old!  Way to go Dad!
We missed having my mom there - but my dad made her a s'more with an Almond Joy to take home.  I bought those specifically with her in mind.

The other high school graduate.
Wes got creative with his marshmallow roasting technique.
I loved this idea from pinterest - a s'more buffet.

After the family festivities, we sat down to go over college stuff - classes, textbooks, jobs, housing, etc.  Things have changed a lot since those many years ago when I was at BYU.  
But we figured things out and I think she is ready to roll!