Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Girl!

While I have been posting for the past 3 weeks about our trip to Europe - our lives have been moving full speed ahead so now I have a bunch of catching up to do!

We recently celebrated 2 birthdays - Isaac's and Cate's.  This year was a "Friends" year for Cate so we decided to have an ice skating party.  And for the party favors I made each girl a simple scarf and rolled it up with gloves, hot chocolate and mentos.

I was a little worried about whether or not these cute girls would enjoy it - but even with a few falls they had a blast!  Especially Cate!

Sarah even started skating without a skate aid this year!

Whoever invented these skate aids should be a millionaire! 

We had a snack break while they smoothed the ice.

Back to the table for cake and presents.

Cate has a smile that lights up the room!  She was thrilled with her party.
Her favorite present was something she has been asking for for a loooooong time:  An American Girl Doll.
And she got her ears pierced!  Here she is before...
A little bit nervous - as an audience starts to gather outside the store window.  Cate is holding a Teddy Bear and Addie's hand for comfort.
Ear number one.
Ear number two.
All done!  What a cutie pie!

Happy Birthday Cate!  We love, love, love, love you!

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Jennette said...

So cute! Love the party favors. Happy Birthday to Cate!