Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and Two Cute Dogs

We were lucky enough to have three Easter celebrations this past weekend.

Lucky for my kids, Aunt Amy hosted our family's Easter dinner/egg hunt this year.  Here are the girls lined up and ready to go!

We were a little low on Easter baskets this year since our storage room is so crowded with kitchen stuff and we couldn't reach the "Easter Box."  So I-man decided to make his own.

This is Brumby - Amy's dog.  He is huge and gentle as a lamb.
This is Gizmo - Terressa's dog.  Gizmo is eight weeks old and cute as can be!
This is the dogs' first encounter.  I am sad I missed the shot of them perfectly nose to nose!

Gizmo is Tess' baby.  She carries him around in a bag.

Gizmo's new family.

Happy Easter!
Other Easter celebrations included a fun dinner with Jan, Don and Eldine and lovely dinner and program with Dave and Connie.  Thanks to everyone for hosting us!  We feel kind of homeless being in the middle of this remodel.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remodel Update - Paint, Floors and Cabinets

When we returned from our vacation our house looked like this - the floors were stained (and my washer and dryer were in the middle of my kitchen floor - which made for doing post-vacation laundry a little difficult!)

The windows were trimmed and baseboard installed...
The walls, trim and baseboard were painted...

And the laundry room was tiled.
Three days later it looked like this - time for cabinets.

As the kitchen is being finished - we are finally starting to put other rooms back together.  It has been so nice to regain some sense of normalcy!
So now we wait.  Wait for the counters.  Nothing can happen until then.  It will still probably be another week of waiting!  So my new appliances wait in the middle of my dining room.  But things are definitely coming together and we are getting excited!!!
At least my washer and dryer are hooked up again!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break in Sanibel - Random Pictures

The final post! A few fun, but random pictures.
A couple of airport pictures the morning before our flight to Florida. At this point I think the kids were more excited about going on the airplane than going to the beach!  
Our return trip didn't go so smooth.  Our flight was delayed and we ended up switching airlines.  We spent four hours in the airport waiting for our new flight to leave.  We didn't get home until 1:30 am - which felt like 3:30 am to us!

This is what happened after our first day on the beach.
Everyone felt a little drained.
We ate at fun restaurants with names like Lazy Flamingo, Mucky Duck and Island Cow.  Here we are eating at the Island Cow.  Addie is not too happy about her triangle-shaped sunburns beneath her eyes.

Weston ordered the alligator platter.  We all tried it - it tastes like chicken!
Here's Wes with his newly grown goatee.

Trying on Mommy's sundress and sunhat.

These are pictures from Weston, Addie and Isaac's early morning trip to the beach to hunt for shells.  They were there for about 2 1/2 hours and stayed long enough to watch the sunrise.

All in all - one of our best vacations ever!!!  Thanks to Shawn and Elisabeth for introducing us to this wonderful place!  We hope to return someday...  

Spring Break in Sanibel - Other Activities

Still plowing through Sanibel pictures!  Got to get through them so I can post about the remodel updates and Easter.

Here are some photos of some of the other fun things we did on Sanibel.
Nothing feels better than a swim after a sandy day at the beach.  After hours at the beach and hours at the pool - we had little time for anything else!

Cate practiced and practiced and finally - she's a swimmer!
This is our screened lanai - looking out over the ocean.  Nice hat Wes!
There were very nice tennis courts.  We played a bit in the evenings while getting eaten by "noseeums" (sand flies).  They got me the worst!

One day we decided to take a dolphin cruise.
Here we are waiting to board the Lady Chadwick - our cruise ship.

As we were sailing out of the bay there were several manatees surfacing in the water.
And two pods of dolphins came to play in the wake of the ship.
Although this appears to be a private cruise (yeah right!) - there were actually lots of people on the boat.  Whenever a dolphin was spotted - everyone would scurry to one side of the ship and the boat would tip to that side.  Then after the dolphin swam away - the people would spread and the boat would become level again.  It was pretty funny.