Thursday, October 23, 2014

14th Birthday Party!

It was Isaac's year for a party with friends. He chose to take his friends to play paintball.  It was the same night as the General Women's Meeting so we had the dinner and presents first and then Wes and K.R. took the boys to play while Addie and Cate and I attend the broadcast at the Stake Center.
A great group of young men!

Isaac received not one but two boxes of his favorite cereal!
And lots of other fun presents!
Happy Birthday I-man!

Eagle Project - One and Done!

Isaac's Eagle Project was to clear and improve trails, fix and paint garbage can holders and fix and paint signs at Moyle Park.  He did a great job of talking to the people at the city that were in charge of the park.  He also planned the project, got the supplies, recruited the volunteers and planned out the responsibilities for the work day.  He did a great job and learned a lot!  I am proud of him.

Before pictures:

After pictures:

The crew:

So happy Isaac has completed this scouting milestone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homecoming Dance - Twice!

Addie was thrilled to get invited the the Homecoming Dance - twice! For two different high schools! Let the dress shopping begin!  Sadly we didn't love any of these dresses.

But we found she did love and she looked beautiful!
The clutch purse belonged to my mother.
Addie and Wyatt.
I'm relatively new to this whole dance thing and I hadn't realized that around here, each dance is accompanied by an elaborate photo shoot with several parents and usually involving a professional photographer.  It was like an engagement shoot!  Quite silly, really.  But I went along and took lots of photos of which I will only showcase a few here.


Here is Addie from the second Homecoming dance she attended - this time with a nice young man named Bryson.  This time there was no photo shoot.

August Happenings - Fiddler, Retirement and Landscaping

August flew by with the kids going back to school.  But there were a few things worth recording.
Wes and I saw Fiddler on the Roof up at Sundance.  This was especially fun for me because I was one of the younger daughters in "Fiddler" up at Sundance when I was 15 years old.  It was one of the last performances on the stage of the original theater.  So many memories!  I sewed the commemorative t-shirt into a t-shirt quilt that I made several years ago - we had that quilt with us the night of the performance.  

August was an exciting month for Dave and Connie - we celebrated both of their retirements!  Dave had a long and distinguished career as a professor of economics at BYU and Connie was recognized as an outstanding representative for Franklin Covey for over 30 years.  Congratulations!

We started a landscaping project in August to tame the final section of our once wild and unruly backyard.

We love our new hot tub and seating area!

Weminuche - Backpacking

Every two years Wes goes on a week long backpacking trip with his brother and their friends. This year they went to the Weminuche Wilderness area in Colorado (He left the day after we got back from Oakley).  The pictures are quite spectacular and I'm sure they don't do the actual scenery justice. 

The guys had a yurt tent that provided plenty of space.  They were decked out with all sorts of fancy gear and even watched a movie one night when it rained.  Eliott brought a projector and they projected it onto a map.  Clever!

The six backpackers.
The stats.