Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Paper Globes

I saw these Valentine paper globes featured on Design Mom and I thought they were so pretty! I found the instructions and templates on HELLO My Name is Heather and it seemed like a project that my older kids would enjoy. We decided to make one for grandparents and teachers for Valentine's Day. I was delighted that the kids could actually do most of the project without my help. I would highly recommend getting the instructions and templates off of Heather's blog if you decide to attempt this. I think this would be cute for any holiday - Easter, July 4th and especially Christmas.

Each globe is made of 20 paper circles. When I made the first one to see how difficult it was, I traced and cut the circles by hand. That is doable but is a little time consuming. After I borrowed this circle-cutting tool from a friend - it was super easy and quick to cut the circles. I have got to get myself one of these! I guess they are used for scrapbooking which is why I have never seen one before. None of that going on at my house unfortunately!

Cutting out the circles was the only part of the project that the kids did not participate in. The next step is to place a triangle in the center of each circle and score the paper along the edges of the triangle. Then fold the paper along those score lines. (Yes, Addie is using one of those corn cob handles to score her paper. Hey - I needed something pointed but not too sharp! As you can see we are little short on craft tools around here.)

Using a glue stick, paste together five triangles to form the top and bottom of the globe.

Then glue the remaining ten triangles together to form the middle ring.

Assemble the globe by gluing the three pieces together. Before gluing the top on we strung a piece of ribbon through the hole at the top and taped it on the inside to make a loop so the globe can be hung.

I liked how Heather hung beads and a little heart from the bottom of her globe but we didn't have the materials for that. But I still think they turned out really cute.



Julie said...

So pretty! I love the paper you used!

Anna said...

You promise they weren't too complicated. They are very cool.

Emily S. said...

Anna - if the circles are pre-cut (by you), the kids can do most the rest. I did have to help Isaac a little with the scoring but he probably could have done it easier if we had a real paper-scoring tool. I would recommend tracing the paper triangles onto carboard before using them as a template - it will be easier to score along the sides. Heather's instructions are really good. I was pleased with what a simple project this turned out to be. My friend made some with her kids and they used cardstock. That worked great too!

Diana said...

Those are beautiful! Maybe I'll try them for Easter.

Bek said...

so cute. I am going to put these above baby's crib... they can see all the sides...

I love to see how your kids are growing!

Conrad and Jenn said...

You are THE best mom!

I looove seeing what you do with your kiddos. They will have so many fun memories from growing up.

I look up to you, Em!

Melissa said...

Those are so cute! I found your blog through Kati's blog! You are a great mom-I don't know that I w ant to clean up after all that! :)

Nikki said...

I made these the other day with Briana as a little Easter craft. We bought a cheap little terra cotta pot and some ribbon and made them into "flowers". They turned out cute - thanks for the idea!