Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Cake Blast

SJ's birthday was last week but I finally got the time to upload the videos of her eating her cake. Better late than never, right?!
The first video is the musical candle and the singing and SJ discovering her cake. Listen for me saying something about how great it would be if we didn't have to give her a bath after. (It's a little long - about 4 minutes but I don't know how to edit.)
The second video is when she really starts having fun - mainly motivated by her siblings' hysterical laughter. Watch for the kids taking cover from flying bits of birthday cake!


Diana said...

That is, BY FAR, the best first bithday cake eating I've seen! She rocked it.

Anna said...

That is great. I love the jubilant laughter!!!

Julie said...

SJ really knows how to ham it up with the cake. Thanks for the laugh!

Williams Fam said...

That was so fun to watch!!! She is such a cutie. I love how much the kids enjoyed watching-so cute!

eryn said...

Thanks for the post. Hilarious!! You are one brave mama. It looks like she had a great time.