Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Craftsman 8/26

Lest any of you think I am a complete wuss for not using our industrial strength snow-blower. Let me take you through the lesson I received on how to operate it. Then you might understand why I am a little wary. When I watch Wes outside using this thing - it's like he's working a backhoe or something. Here it is - The Craftsman 8/26

1. Plug it in - pretty easy so far!
2. Adjust the choke - huh? (keep in mind I have never operated any kind of vehicle except a car) - according to the sound - the sound? - nevermind, just leave it where it is.....hmmm I recognize some of those symbols
3. Push this lever up - look at that cute little jackrabbit and turtle!
4. Push this primer button 3 times
5. Push this button to start the blower - ok that is pretty straight forward! Oh nooo - we're not even close to being done.
6. Pull this handle down to start the blades
7. Pull this handle down to make it go forward - gotcha! But wait - we're still not done yet!
8. There are drive controls!
9. Use this handle to operate the drive controls, afterall...
The Craftsman 8/26 can go in reverse...
And can be adjusted according the type of snow. Who knew?
10. Use this handle to rotate the little chute where the snow comes out...
Yes - this thing.
But wait! You can adjust the chute with this little knob to control how high the snow will get blowed. After you are done, you put the lever back down (to the turtle :-) to turn it off. Done.
Got all that? Actually, after this little exercise, I feel like I could go out there right now and get the thing runnin' like a striper bass! Maybe I will even surprise Wes and have the driveway cleared before he comes home - so he doesn't have to drive on it and get it all packed down. Oh wait, I already did that. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?


Julie said...

Thank-you for the tutorial. It made me laugh. I would stay as far away from that thing as possible. Is it noisy?

Anna said...

I am laughing pretty hard right now. Good luck with that thing!

Jennette said...

Fabulous! You may have so much fun with the thing that you'll start snowblowing all your neighbors' driveways too. What a great post!

Dacia said...

We haven't gotten tons of snow but have had a few big storms and Kevin has killed himself shoveling and has been thinking a snowblower may be put on the "need" list. I don't know if your tutuorial will end up helping me use the thing or just encouraged me to stall Kevin as long as possible before letting him get one. You guys are great!

Shelton said...

I've got an older model 8-26. It is definitely intimidating and very powerful. Just getting it ready for the 09/10 season and was pleased to see your post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Great job on the photos and instructions! Our neighbor gave us a model exactly like this one, without the owners manual. My husband always used it and I never learned how to operate it. He passed away this summer in a motorcycle accident. I had to learn how to run his riding mower and now the snow blower. We are in the middle of a blizzard in Michigan and I used it twice in the same day. It works like a champ. Next on my list is how to change the oil and spark plug on this beast. Do you know the model number? .. or where I can find an owners manual?