Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today we had a birthday bash for my mom and Sarah Jane. A lot of the family was there (even Tess' German Shepherd, Czar. He spent most of the time in the car except for when the cousins that were brave enough took him for walks around the yard). We had a yummy lunch of sweet pulled pork burritos (think Cafe Rio) and fruit. Kip made my mom's favorite, "chocolate cake with a custard like center". Here she is ready to blow out the candle.

What a cute couple!

Isn't she lovely?

I think I know where Sarah Jane gets her blue eyes

The birthday girls


Anna said...

I want that chocolate cake recipe!

Bek said...

They DO look alike (though, you look like her too....).

P.S. The house is in Burlingame, about as far up the penninsula as the airport and just past the 92. :-)

I bet you could do AMAZING things with this house... sigh.

Julie said...

Two very lovely ladies! Happy Birthday to them both. Love the photos!