Friday, November 30, 2007

Jump On It

Wes took the kids to a place called Jump On It a while back. It has over 10,000 square feet of indoor trampolines and jump houses. I am sure you can imagine how much fun they had! The question is - who had more fun? Wes or the kids?

"Make a shape!"

Don't miss the jumper in the background!

See how her eyes are framed perfectly by the net?

Check this out!


Jennette said...

That looks so fun!!! Maybe we'll have to rope you in to going again with us when we visit in January.

Anna said...

That looks like a blast. I think I have seen that place. I'll have to make sure we hit it.

SUMMER!! said...

that is so awesome! i hope addie is sticking with her gymnastics!! she is amazing! we have a place here called sky high that's just like jump on it :] well hope you guys are doing well... got your xmas card! love and miss you guys xoxo