Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Very Short But Sweet Family History Tour

We had a free day last week and decided to take a trip with my parents to Spanish Fork.  We have ancestors that settled there and my mom wanted to visit some historical sites.

My mom has a "memory like an elephant" (as she would say).  She is extremely knowledgeable about people, places, facts, locations, and dates - especially when it comes to our family history and the history of Utah Valley in general.  I am sad to admit - I did not inherit this ability.  In fact - I would honestly say that I have a terrible memory.  But my mother never ceases to amaze me with the tidbits of information she shares.  I only wish I could record it all!
Here she is showing my kids the family tree to help them understand how they connect with our ancestors that settled in this area.   
This monument sits in the heart of Spanish Fork farmland.  It designates where the original settlers joined with the local Native Americans to set up farmland and a trading post.  My great, great grandfather was the farm superintendent and was heavily involved with the Indian affairs.  Not far from here was the site of the original fort.

We also drove past the river and tried to imagine the dugouts that the settlers built in the banks.  There were so many families living in dugouts - it was termed "Gopherville."
We decided to stop for a treat at what is now my favorite snow cone place in the valley.  Fun tables and chairs, grass umbrellas, misting fans and cute serving cups. It was great!

We then drove around trying to find the old Pioneer Cemetery.  Apparently they have restored the cemetery since my parents have been there.  It was really nice.
If you can see the small, white, rectangular structure at the base of the mountainside - you are looking at the "Dream Mine."  In the early years of this area, it was believed there was gold to be found in this mining site.  Many people, including my ancestors, bought stock in the mine - hoping to make it big.  From what we know - nothing has come from this mine.  But there are still those that believe if they keep looking, someday they will find gold.

My favorite part of the cemetery were the picturesque views of the valley.  Lovely.

After our brief tour we joined up with Uncle Kip for Cranky Franks and then for ice cream treats at his condo.

Thanks for the tour!

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