Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horsetail Falls - With Grandma Jan and Friends

This year Grandma Jan joined Wes and the kids for their annual backpacking overnighter.  They packed up to Horsetail Falls and had a fantastic time!

You can see the falls in the background.
Some other "Weston" had been there too!
View of the valley at dusk.
The campsite.

Sego Lilly - the Utah State Flower
As Wes, Jan and the kids were hiking down the trail - I was hiking up the trail with Cate, SJ and visiting friends - Anna and Jennette and families.  It was quite the troop but everybody did great!  

We met the packers halfway - Grandma Jan rested with the packs and Wes, Addie and Isaac hiked back up to the falls with the group.  I am amazed at their endless amount of energy!!
Thanks to the handy water filter - we refilled our containers with fresh mountain stream water.
And the kids dipped their hats and heads to cool off.
Hooray!  We made it!
There were some dying roses at the lookout.  They guys gave them to us as a reward.
The hike was great fun - and long and hot.  So we headed back to our house for popsicles and a cool-down. A few hours later we met for dinner with just the adults.  Loved every minute of it!  Thanks to our dear friends.


Julie said...

FUN! I admire you. Adventurous and willing - always ready to have a good time!

Jennette said...

It was definitely a highlight of the trip to see you all and to do that hike. My two great loves of Utah: good friends, and the mountains! Thanks for making it a spectacular day!