Saturday, July 30, 2011

St. George Family Reunion 2011 - Rappelling

After last year's rappelling adventure - the family was anxious to go again.  So here are way too many photos from this year's crew (which included my dad!!  Scroll down for details).

Here is Wes reviewing the technique with those at the top of the cliff.  Backing off the cliff through that crevice is NOT easy.  It's the scariest part for sure!

Next to go was Addie.  She handled herself like a pro.

Next was Isaac.  Remembering last year...he was the first to go - nine years old - with a broken arm!!  That kid has guts!

Next up.  Yep - that's my dad.  77 years old!!!  He had never been rappelling before but was determined.  He was awesome!  Way to go Dad!!

Jake was the next to descend. 

Amy rappelled like she'd done it a hundred times before.
Here she is getting some air!
Nick was next.  He had such a great time - he did it twice!

Ever since I became a mother I have been terrified of heights.  Especially if I am with my kids!  This year Brian was the photographer so I was at the top of the cliff watching my kids and family backing over the cliff.  It wasn't easy.  And I really had no desire to go over myself.  But Wes convinced me.  I have rappelled before but nothing like this!!  Holy Cow!!  Once I got over the edge - it was all good.    

Wes and Isaac spotted another cliff and decided to try a more difficult and technical rappel.
Meanwhile Nick was on round two!
At the bottom.

Wes rappelling on the new route.

I-man is the man!

These are not dinky rappels!  This cliff is about 140 feet high.  Addie is the tiny white speck at the top of the cliff.  You can also see tiny Wes at the bottom.
Addie is the tiny white speck in the middle of the cliff.

After the adventure it was back to the house for more swimming and popsicles.  Another great rappelling trip!


The Harrises said...

Looks like your kids have no fear of taking risks. You need to go rock climbing with us sometime. I just heard that AF canyon is one of the best to climb in. I want to see your kids be naturals at it.

PS The gratify on the rock is when my brother in-law asked Mat's sister Dannielle to marry him. He thought it would come off!

Julie said...

Gulp! Gasp! Wow. Great photos of some brave troops.