Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Shower

I am really loving that my best friend Liz got married!  Of course - it is wonderful for her to enter into this new phase of life.  But it provided an opportunity for a get-together with our group of neighborhood friends that share so much of our childhood.  Girls that we share so much with but almost never see.  And now that she is expecting a little girl - we didn't hesitate one moment to plan another celebration.  This time we included our moms (who are also great friends) and other ladies of the neighborhood that have been a part of our lives since before I can remember!

There was plenty of reminiscing and sharing stories.  We all wished we could see each other more.  It has been decades since some of us have been in touch.


Julie said...

What a cute group of ladies! Fun. Congrats to Liz.

MOMof6 said...

What a fun party we had. We need to get together more than once every ten years! Thanks again for all you did to make it such a great party.