Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Last Flings - Separate but Equal

We were able to take advantage of this last weekend before school starts with a couple of quick get-aways. Even though we went our separate ways - I think it was the perfect end to a fantastic summer.

For me - it was off to Cedar City with 6 friends to see a couple of plays at the Shakespearean Festival. Ahhhh! It was a lovely weekend filled with great food, conversation, culture and, of course, great company! And part of the vacation was that I didn't take one picture! We left Friday morning and stopped to tour Cove Fort on the way down. It was very interesting and provided a nice break in the drive. Friday evening we saw Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps and I have probably never laughed so hard watching live theater - laughed to tears!

Saturday we headed to St. George and strolled through some beautiful art galleries, ate at the Painted Pony, did a little shopping, and dipped our toes in the pool at a newly remodeled home that belonged to one of my friend's in-laws. Then we headed back to Cedar City for dinner, the green show and a delightful performance of Much Ado About Nothing.

It was a quick trip but worth every minute. If you haven't ever been to the festival - GO!

Wes and the older kids took a trip of a different sort. They all went backpacking with Grandpa Dave in the Uinta Mountains. It was supposed to be Addie's 12th birthday rite of passage - a backpacking trip with her dad (a tradition Grandpa Dave started when did the same thing when Wes turned 12). But when given the option - Addie voted to have Isaac and Grandpa Dave join in the fun. Afterall, they kind of started a tradition when they did it for the first time 2 years ago.

They started their hike in a small break in the storm last Thursday. First stop - Provo Falls.

As they continued their ascent - the rain turned from a drizzle to a downpour.
They built a fire and huddled in some trees until after becoming quite soaked and freezing they determined that to continue their trip would only lead to more cold and discomfort. So they headed back to the car...
The trail turned into a muddy river!
After attempting to spend the night in Kamas and Heber - they ended up back at Grandpa Dave's for a sleepover. They were treated to steaks for dinner and a night of fun and games! Here is all of their gear laid out to dry.
Bright and early the next morning - they made their second attempt. This time it was a success!
Visiting their fire ring from the night before
Unfortunately the fishing was a flop. Only Addie and Grandpa Dave caught a fish.
They did some cliff jumping off yonder cliffs...yikes!
All in all - an awesome and memorable adventure!

And the little girls? They spent the weekend with grandparents and Aunt Amy and had a wonderful time. Thank you, thank you!

We all made it home safe and sound and immediately turned our thoughts to the week ahead: First day of junior high!, 4th grade, a full day for the 1st grader and preschool for the baby. Busy and exciting!


Anna said...

I'm jealous of you and Rob is jealous of Wes.
And Rob has a question: Did you buy the packs for your kids? If so where?

Glad you found a solution to your storage issues.

The Harrises said...

Looks like a good time. If only I could have been sitting by you during that play. You laughed so hard on the Hershey Park Scrambler, that I'm sure I would get the same affect.

Hope the kids had a fun day back at school.

Julie said...

Fun, fun, fun, fun. . . . . We have had a lot of rain around here - for a UT summer. I have enjoyed it, but realize it must have hampered many a summer plan.