Sunday, August 15, 2010


August always meant one thing at my house - apricots. At one point there were about 7 apricot trees in my parents' yard. That's a lot of apricots! So my memories of bottling apricots and making apricot jam go back as far as I can remember. Nowadays there are only a few trees still alive but on a good year - my parents are still overwhelmed by fruit. So we joined together with Amy's family for a day to make jam.

First, though, Papa wanted us to pick up the apricots that had already fallen from the tree (a job that I was often assigned to as a child)

SJ not so sure about wearing the glove

Jars reading and waiting
Apricots ready and waiting
Apricots washed and picked clean of the earwigs. Earwigs love apricots!
Preparing the fruit
Grinding the fruit

He did an awesome job mowing Papa's lawn after we picked up all of the smashed apricots!
Stirring the jam - I am telling you - this was a family affair!
Amy skimming off the foam (Addie named it, "apricot curd"). When I was a kid - I loooved eating this foam - it was such a treat.
Filling the jars
Our first batch!
We made a total of 6 batches - that's close to 60 jars of delicious apricot jam!!
Yum - we are set for another year.


The Harrises said...

Wow, you guys were jamming! Why am I craving bread and jam now?

Anna said...

I am jealous in a big way. I saw Kip post on FB that their were trees laden with fruit and man oh man did I wish I could come get some. A small container at our farmers market is five dollars. Ugh.

Jennette said...

Wow! Like Anna I'm highly jealous of all of that gorgeous looking fruit. And I also have good memories of making jam with family, so I'm jealous of that too. Congrats to a bountiful summer!