Thursday, August 26, 2010


While my oldest has entered the exciting and somewhat scary world of middle school, my baby has started preschool. That means that 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day I will be...All. By. Myself.

SJ had mixed feelings about going to preschool. I tried not to make a big deal out of it and casually suggested we take pictures. Although it looks like she is posing - don't be fooled. She wouldn't sit still and smile for one picture.

Addie and I walked her to school and she seemed to be fine when we left. Sadly I completely forgot about the parent/child picnic that was being held on the first day of school (with 4 kids going to 3 schools and about 100 activities - my mind is swimming!). Feeling like a horrible mom, when I picked her up her teacher used words like "stubborn" and "contrary" to describe her behavior (she was very nice about it - and I really love her teacher). SJ came home happy, though and I later found her here:

The good news is that even though she was crying when we dropped her off this morning - her teacher said she did much better. There is hope! Just kidding. I have been a mom long enough to not make long-term predictions based on toddler behavior. Am I right?

And as for Addie - she is adjusting very well to middle school. She says it feels like it's her job.


Kip said...

What a cutie! I can't believe that she is starting school already.

Anna said...

I am hoping Clara transitions well to preschool. Posts like this make me sad that I am not going to be ALL BY MYSELF. But I guess I made that choice and will learn to deal with it, right?

Julie said...

What a sweet little tender! I love that she is stubborn. I want to cheer her on. Sorry, but I do. It is hard to grow up. Her best solution to the day. . . check out, with a sandwich in hand. Darling!

The Harrises said...

SJ was wiped out! It's hard to not be stubborn and contrary when you're tired. Hopefully she doesn't hold the picnic thing over your head. She could try to milk it for all it's worth and manipulate you into taking her to Disneyland. Who knows? I hope things have simmered a bit now that school has begun. Can't believe Addie is in middle school. Blows my mind.