Monday, August 23, 2010

Out of Space...

Question: I have run out of space and cannot post anymore pictures on blogger. Has anyone else had that problem yet? Any solution ideas? I read that I can add another contributor to my blog (as myself) and add more pictures that way. ???

Update: Turns out you can purchase more storage! It's all good!


Anna said...

I haven't reached that yet (which is surprising). Maybe you can make an account for Emily Sp. or emily S.

And I finally got around to checking out the new Very cool.

Jennette said...

Wow. That is crazy...I've never heard of this problem. I know of a bunch of people who have just switched everything over to WordPress. Of course I know nothing specific about it, but apparently you can re-load your entire existing blog to that program and then go from there (so that you're not losing anything you've already done). Let us know what happens in case this comes down the road for us too.