Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I finally did something that I have wanted to do for a long time! Make a blog book. Following my cousin Diana's recommendation, I used
It was fast and easy. I opted against spending my time to customize and edit the book so I can't vouch for their design options. I didn't remove any posts - like videos or slideshows. I just used their default layout and published two books in just a few minutes - with pretty boring covers I might add. But my main goal was just to get a hard copy of my blog.
The books arrived in the mail yesterday and although they are not perfect according to flow and layout - I could not be more thrilled!! Just to have them done.

My mom borrowed the first book which is Oct-Dec 2007. This is the second book - the entire year of 2008.

Check that off the list!


Anna said...

I have been meaning to do that! I don't think I will bother editing either, because frankly that seems like too much effort.

Nellie said...

Very cool! I am going to do the same -- I tried blurb, but it was way complicated and annoying. your experience sounds like just what I want . . . thanks!

Nellie said...

In the time since I last commented, I printed both 2008 and 2009! you're the best!!! Thanks, again! Now I can check that off my list!!

Diana Beck McCarty said...

Isn't it FANTASTIC?!?

Julie said...

I have really wanted to do this. Yours looks great! Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks again for all your help last yesterday.