Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bear Lake Weekend - Part One

The Bear Lake Country Cabins

We just got back from a quick get-away up to Bear Lake. We haven't been there since we were kids but with a family reunion in the general vicinity - we decided to make a trip of it.

My good friend Micki had recommended we for sure get a raspberry shake at Le Beau's drive-in and see a show at the Pickleville Playhouse. The raspberry shake(s) may have been worth the drive alone!! But probably the biggest highlight of our trip was the Western cookout and seeing "Bandito Rides Again" at the Pickleville Playhouse. This show was an absolute riot!! The humor is very similar to Nacho Libre and so my kids just ate it up! And the talent was very impressive for a community theater. Part of the appeal for me is the story of the theater itself - family-owned and operated for three generations. We loved it.

We spent the next day chillaxin' at the beach.
Along with everyone else in Bear Lake County. But we still had a blast!

We rented a waverunner.

Played in the sand.

Wes spent some time flying his "Skynosaur" - a trick kite he has owned for more than 20 years.

SJ wouldn't part with her backpack for most of the trip.

The kiddos

All in all - a great day at the beach!


Anna said...

Fun, fun, fun. We have only been to Bear Lake once, but it was in the early years of residency when we were too poor to even buy a raspberry shake. We'll have to go back and do it right next time.

Love the backpack. Those silly 3 year olds.

The Harrises said...

So great! What a lovely time to be had at Bear Lake. It is so low key and just fun.

Diana Beck McCarty said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!