Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bear Lake Weekend - Part 2

The second day of our quick trip was Saturday and we thought if the beach was that crowded on Friday - we couldn't even imagine what it was like on Saturday! So we decided to drive North to Paris, Idaho - population 600 (that's 450 more than the city where we stayed - St. Charles!).

We had plans of birdwatching at the Bear Lake nature preserve. On the way we ran across an old-fashioned playground. Not that old-fashioned I guess but we explained to the kids that these were the playgrounds of our childhood. Merry-go-rounds, metal slides and great big huge swings.

After we played around for a while we headed into the preserve. Yes - we love birdwatching and you can read more about it HERE.
It was a goldmine for bird sightings. We were pretty excited! But the horseflies were so thick we stayed in our car the whole time. It was easier to keep track of SJ that way anyway.

Two Ospreys sitting on top of telephone poles
A Great Horned Owl!!! Ok so we didn't see this while we were birdwatching - we saw it the night before. But still a great find!
A large group of Harrier hawks. We could have taken some great pictures except we were too excited with our new binoculars we completely forgot.
A ruddy duck. This was really exciting!! See the blue bill?
We also saw Sandhill Cranes, adult and juvenile Clark's Grebes, adult and juvenile Coots, White-faced Ibis, Drakes, Snowy Egrets, Black-crowned Night Herons, Black-necked Stilts and a ton of Canada Geese. We added several species to our family check-list! I know we're pretty nerdy.

After the bird-watching we ate at the Paris Cafe and strolled around main street and wandered through an antique store. It was great fun.


Rachel said...

We have some family friends who go to "Paris" nearly every summer. The ongoing joke is that it's Paris, IDAHO. Looks fun!

Jennette said...

THat does look great! Fantastic bird sighting.