Monday, May 24, 2010

The First Couple Days

We narrowly escaped the gauntlet of time-share salesman at the Cancun airport.

We successfully evaded our shuttle driver when he claimed that he was the only one we could trust in planning our excursions - "Speak to no one but Armando!"

We felt ready to face the vendors on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen! We bartered a bit and ended up with some fun souvenirs for the kids - including a leather whip, a hammock, some earrings, worry dolls, and a Nacho Libre mask for Isaac. Nachooooooo is alive and well in Mexico!

It was windy along the beach but we took a stroll admiring the turquoise blue water.

We stopped at a cafe offering two-for-one drinks and thought we would each order a drink for one price. I guess "drinking" doesn't work that way. We both ended up with two of each of what we ordered - virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. And of course some chips and salsa. A Mariachi band stopped to serenade us and it all felt very ethnic!

The next day we decided to just hang out at the resort. We took a long walk down the beach, played some tennis, went swimming, ordered some food and drinks and relaxed on the beach reading our books.

Funny story. Near where we were sitting we noticed one of the resort staff trying to organize a 4 on 4 football game and they needed an extra guy. They recruited Wes and he decided to join. Without going into too much detail, let's just say that Wes was the smallest and the whitest guy in the game. And I would bet that a few of those men had played college sports. So I watched with trepidation as the game began. It was obvious from the start that Weston's team was at a disadvantage based on the size of their players. It wasn't looking good until...Wes made an incredible catch as he tumbled into the shrubbery. One point. The other players were thoroughly impressed with this little white guy after that move! And guess what? He did it again! He sacrificed his body as he dove into the shrubbery to make his teams' only other point. Well, the other team won of course but at least Wes left the game feeling respected (and a little scratched up)!

The players:
The shrubbery:

Coming up next: Extreme Tulum Adventure!!!


Rachel said...

I am seriously enjoying this vacation vicariously. When a parent goes on vacation, there is a look of relaxation that you just can not replicate at home. It's on your face in these pictures, Emily.

Also I like your header.

Kris Olson said...

So fun! Keep 'em coming!

oodlesofoversons said...

I ditto Rachel. Awesome.