Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary 2010

A little virus called H1N1 prevented our trip to Cancun scheduled for last year so in honor of our 15th anniversary this year - we decided to make another attempt.

We stayed in a lovely resort called Secrets Capri near Playa Del Carmen. My next few posts will be reviewing our trip and then after that I will post about the really exciting stuff - everything that happened while we were gone!!!

The major downer of the trip was that it wasn't the best weather. It was usually clear during the day but in the late afternoon, the clouds would roll in and it rained almost every evening we were there. Oh well. We made the best of it! Here are a few shots of the hotel:

This "Honeymoon" sign was on our door. Huh?

It was an all-inclusive resort so of course the food was amazing.

The view from our balcony on a cloudy afternoon.

The lobby.

The spa was very luxurious! We each got two massages. The first time we went they put us through the hydrotherapy circuit in order to "detoxify our organism." It consisted of a steam room, a sauna and then getting in and out of hot and cold showers and pools. It was supposed to be a cleansing and relaxing experience but we were laughing pretty hard the whole time. If you know me you'll know how I feel about "toxins." Don't look too closely at this picture. Wes looks as fresh as a daisy but I look like someone who has been at the beach all day - which is the truth.
These little guys were running all over the walls of the hotel. Not in the rooms silly!

And these big guys were all over the grounds of the hotel!

Let the adventure begin!


Ann Mitchell said...

I love Play del Carmen! We docked their on our cruise, on the way to the ruins at Tulum!

Anna said...

Emil I wish you could realize the importance of cleansing the toxins from you. And also if you need some tips on how to balance your Ph levels I could sell you some expensive products....haha..

On a different note. HOW FUN!!! What a great way to celebrate.

katik said...

AMazing place! Sad that the weather wasn't great but it looks like you had a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary!