Thursday, September 24, 2009

Productivity Times Two

The roof of the treehouse is finally complete - just in time for the turn of the seasons. Wes started it a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been able to work on it again until today. It has been quite a precarious project and in order to be as safe as possible (which in some ways he does more for my sake than his own!) - he rigged a series of rock-climbing ropes and clipped himself in.

Today was devoted entirely to applying the tar paper and shingles. Since we happen to have a professional roofer living around the block from us - Wes was able to borrow some tools that helped him do the job. And no, we do not own two extension ladders. Ours is the shorter one and the 26 foot ladder (!) was a loaner.
A closer look at the new roof.
Lest you think that all I do is sit around taking pictures of my husband building a condo in our backyard, I actually teamed up with my sister and parents to bottle peaches and make pie filling. Hooray!
And with both of her parents heavily involved in projects - this little one was left to her own devices. Which meant spending the entire afternoon in nothing but a shirt and diaper and getting very, very dirty.

Being a roofer for a day really takes its toll on a guy! Actually he started feeling sick so he rested for a while.
All in all - a pretty productive day!


Rachel said...

"pretty" productive! Super productive! You guys are awesome. Love that treehouse.

Kip said...

You guys are dynamos!

Anna said...

Fantastic! I feel like I need to get on the canning bandwagon.

Julie said...

Super Cool! I'm in great admiration. Love the napping photo. Looks like a perfect place to rest.