Monday, September 21, 2009

Grandma's Birthday Haircut

Isaac made this really cute birthday card for Grandma Jan. This is actually the second of these cute "instruction" cards that he has made. For his other grandma he made "Grandma's Workout" and it was equally as clever but I forgot to take pictures. But you'll get the idea (be sure to enlarge the pictures so you can see the detail):

"granma's birthday haircut - instructions on back"

1. little snip on the sides - a little water spray in beetween

2. comb top

3. snip around the forehead

4. cut behind the ears

5. slightly part it

6. flip it out

7. go home and addmire yourself in the mirror

8. take a nap

9. uh oh time for a new haircut

Here is the post-nap Grandma - ready for a new haircut

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Julie said...

Darling! In-house children's book author in the making, for sure! Publish. Don't you think?