Monday, September 14, 2009

Scissor Happy

A few weeks ago we were at dinner with some friends when their oldest daughter called. She was home babysitting and called to inform them that their five year old daughter had just cut her hair. My friend was shocked as her daughter tried to describe how much of her five year old's lovely long locks had been snipped. As we all had a good laugh about it, I thought to myself how I doubted Cate would ever do such a thing but I probably would have "the talk" just in case. And so I did.

Wasted breath.

Yesterday Cate cut her hair. I have no idea why except she said wanted bangs like Sarah Jane. I wish I could say I reacted as calmly as my friend did. But I was pretty upset. We had just spent the last two years growing Cate's bangs out so her hair would all be one length - and she had just received this cute little haircut. I ranted (a little), Cate cried and we all kind of laughed in disbelief! I hope we made a big enough impact that she won't dare do it again! (And by the way - the black eye has nothing to do with this episode. A few days ago she and Isaac were horsing around and bonked heads.)
Here's the result. I guess it could be worse.

But wait, the story isn't over yet. After Cate left for school this morning, I took out Sarah's braid left in from yesterday. And to my dismay a chunk of hair came with it. It looks like Cate's scissors did a little wandering!

What is it about five year olds cutting their hair?!


Anna said...

My friend's daughter has done this three or four times. I am just hoping I don't have to deal with it. I think I would be livid. At least she is cute no matter how short her bangs are, right?

Nikki said...

All girls must do this at least once! :) Briana gave herself the best mullett you've ever seen at age 4. Yep...the bangs all the way to the scalp and both sides of her hair to her ears. Mullett heaven. I found out when I heard her trying to vacuum in her room with the door shut (removing the evidence). sigh*

Julie said...

Oh dear. I still regret the enormous drama and tears when Elle cut Di's hair. We wailed as if someone had died. It's hair. It will grow back. No scars or weakness. Just like it was before.

Rachel said...

Awe. some. Lately my boys have been playing with Sharpies and matches and cords from the window shades. At least they're not burning the house down?

It's amazing how cute they look, even still :)

oodlesofoversons said...

I did that same thing when I tried "trimming" my own bangs in 3rd or 4th grade. Lesson learned!! At least it grows back, right? And I would've totally freaked out...good for you for laughing about it later!

The Harrises said...

Actually, that is pretty bad. She really took the scissors down to the root. I had a good laugh if that counts. The thing is, it is hard to get over this incident when you see her everyday with her freshly stubbed bangs.

Jennette said...

Oh, I'm laughing and crying for you at the same time! I would definitely have been more than a little upset too. This is reminding me that when I was 6 that I cut off a chunk of my own hair while sitting at my desk--my teacher gave me a talking to for sure.

But, yes, she still is a pretty darn adorable girl!

amushink said...

In Disney's Mulan there is a scene where she cuts her hair as she leaves home. Must be very inspiring. Noa cut her hair when she was four or five while watching the film.

It'll grow. She's cute no matter what.

Stacie said...

Wow!!! I'm so sorry, the good thing is that it is only temporary. It will soon grow out and you can laugh about it. I'm glad you have pictures, someday you can pull them out and show her fiance.