Thursday, February 3, 2011

Showcase Times Two

It was the weekend of showcases and sickness.
Cate was healthy enough and more than excited for her showcase. Both she and Addie have been taking a Music/Dance/Theater class and they were each to perform in a Broadway medly with their class.
You could just see the excitement on Cate's face before her performance began.
She performed a medly of songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She was darling!

Yep - the girls are lucky enough to have Aunt Amy teach the dance portion of their class.  She's the best!
Addie on the other hand wasn't feeling so good for her performance.  She had pretty much been laid flat with a nasty virus and had missed a gymnastics meet that day.  But she pushed through and did an awesome job performing a medly of songs from Mama Mia!  Here she is with a school friend who is actually a year younger than Addie.  Man we make 'em small!
Addie and her vocal teacher, the famous Mindy Smoot Robbins.  We feel too lucky to have Amy and Mindy!!
The other sickie was brother Isaac who was home in bed. Whatever those two had - it was not fun. But happily they are both feeling better and back at school. Except for the lingering cough that seems to last FOREVER!


Anna said...

How fun (not the sickness but the performance.)
And we are right in there with the short kids thing. Hahaha.

Diana Beck McCarty said...

Your kids may be small but they are the cutest, most talented things!! And I'm totally jealous you get Amy as their dance teacher.
Hope everyone is feeling better. We know that lingering cough all too well at our house :0(