Monday, February 7, 2011

She's Turning 4!!!

My baby is turning 4. Wow! Actually her birthday isn't for several days but since we are going to be out of town - we decided to pretend that last Saturday was her birthday. She didn't care! She wanted a horse birthday. Black balloons? It was all we had in the closet.

I-man really wanted to help with the games.  He made this "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" type game - but with a makes me laugh every time I read it!!!
Here are all the different tails to choose from:
The guests arrived.  The first activity was a coloring contest.  Everyone participated.  From Sarah Jane to Grandpa Great...
Even Great Grandma Eldine (who's 92 years old!)

The Gallery:

Sarah and I chose the winners and I am telling you - it was tough!!!
Next was Isaac's game.  It was a hit!!

Nick's antics had everyone laughing.

Even the grandpas had a turn!
Grandpa Dave seemed to have lost his tail somewhere along the way...
Next was presents and cake.  She was thrilled with every single gift.

Hooray for 4 year olds!!!


Kip said...

What adorable pictures! Thanks for throwing such a great party!

Julie said...

FUN!! What fantastic artists and creative ideas. The poster was amazing!! Loved the variety of tails too. Happy B-day to SJ.

Jennette said...

This party looks adorable! What a little cutie SJ is. Love all the horse activities! (And I spied the mobile from the Nat. Gallery in the photo...I was wondering if you put it up and how you liked it. I think it looks great, from what I could see!)

Anna said...

SJ is beautiful. Seriously. And I can hardly believe how fast the last 4 years went. Our babies are not babies!!! I feel like I should be sad about that, but I'm not.
(PS Rob has been in contact with CUC. We just keep crossing our fingers).