Thursday, January 27, 2011

All About the B0y

Last Saturday I-man had returned from a day on slopes and was downstairs putting his ski equipment away.  Or so I thought.  Awhile later he came upstairs with tears in his eyes and a nice slice on his Left thumb.  Apparently he was doing some "carving" down in his room.  For a split second I braced myself for a trip to the ER until I remembered who I was married to!  Wes stitched him up, wrapped him up and sent him on his way.  I decided against posting pictures of the actual cut.  It was pretty bad.  But I thought this was acceptable.

While we are on the subject of little boys...last night was the much-anticipated pinewood derby!  Here is their car (I say "their" because this was a team effort for Wes and Isaac - and frankly - I think that is the point!).
Did you notice?  It has lights!  And the weights were turned into gold for the treasure chest.

A friend provided the cool pirate stickers.

Unfortunately the pirate design did not equal speed and I-man's car was not in the final races. But he did win second place for "Best Design!" Go Isaac!!!


Julie said...

LOVE the I-man! Sorry about the injury.
What an awesome car!!

kellykumquat said...

Seriously, that has to be so convenient sometimes to be married to a doc! My honey is sooo pushing for the boy. I'm in contemplation . . . it's fun to read about your boy experiences! How would it be?

Jennette said...

Ouch about the thumb! That gave me the shivers. But two thumbs up for that sweet pinewood derby car. Seriously, too awesome!