Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Reunion 2010 - "The Amazing Race!"

One of the highlights of our reunion was "The Amazing Race!" My parents planned it after hearing about the idea from some good friends of theirs - the Collins. They set up a sort of driving scavenger hunt all through St. George. We were divided into 3 teams and given instructions on where we were supposed to go and what we were supposed to do there. Each team had a video camera to film the specific activities. It was a blast!
The game planners:

Getting ready for the big race!

The smallest members of my team which also included Shawn, Tess and Addie.

1st Stop:
Historic St. George Courthouse

Mom and Dad were inside to tell us about the history of the building

Perform two verses of the Hokey Pokey
Do a cartwheel on the front lawn! And we're off!

2nd Stop:
The Brigham Young Home

Count the pickets on the North side

Run, run, run!

3rd Stop:
Find a business that starts with the letter "C" - and everybody make a "C" with their arms.

And we're off!

4th Stop:
The cemetery
Find the gravesite of our ancestor Miles Romney. (Weston's team searched for 20 minutes to find this grave. We happened upon them at just the right time!)

One side is new.

One side is old.

5th Stop:
The St. George Tabernacle. Hum a hymn on the front steps.

6th Stop:
The old rock quarry (where they quarried stone for the St. George temple.) Rock on!!

Back at home base we all got a kick out of watching the different videos! In the end, even though my team was the first to arrive back at home base, Weston's team won by getting more points - or so they claim!

Thanks for a great and memorable day, Mom and Dad!!


Jennette said...

Awesome! I'm ready to copy this one.

rockstars said...

I want to do this in St.Geo this week. You were what I came up when I pinterest searched it. Is there anyway to get your folks info and get the race ideas from them?