Monday, April 12, 2010


I have a sitemeter on my blog that I check occasionally. It's kind of silly because I have so few readers but I did recently discover something kind of interesting. Of course most entries into my site come through my blog address. Besides that, there are 3 blog posts that attract at least 2-3 hits every day.

By far I get the most hits on the post I did on Tasha Tudor.

In second place is my post I did on the Craftsman 8/26 - the industrial sized snowblower we inherited from Weston's grandpa. It was meant to be a joke but a couple of commenters actually thanked me for posting instructions!

In third place is my post on Addie's school project Shoes Around the World.

Nothing really exciting about this post but I thought it was interesting! Thanks for letting me share.

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kellykumquat said...

I LOVE Tasha Tudor! And I loved your post about it! My girls and I especially love the pop up Christmas book. We get it out during Christmas time and read it almost every other night!