Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parting With a Little Piece of History...

Anyone who has known us over the course of our married lives has no doubt been introduced somewhere along the way to "the entertainment center". Wes built it about 13 years ago, shortly before we moved to Pennsylvania. It was his pride and joy and he couldn't resist showing it off to visitors. Who could blame him? Solid wood, pocket doors, adjustable shelves, etc. It was pretty impressive. It has been in every home/apartment that we have ever lived in - and often a conversation piece. It has served us well.

But the time has come to say farewell to Weston's creation. As we enter the world of flat screens - the piece doesn't work for us anymore. So as hard at it is for Wes to part with it - the time has come. So we took some pictures and shared some memories. Just this evening it was picked up for the school garage sale fundraiser. Wes sadly said, "Well...that's the end of that."

This is the center piece:

These are the shelves that went on either side:

It's ok if you want to laugh. Our entertainment center was a joke among many of our friends. I think they were just jealous!


Kip said...

I, for one, will miss your entertainment center, not for its great artistic beauty, but because of what you described and what it represents. I think it is cool that Wes has so many talents and that he loves to make things like this.

Anna said...

I remember getting the "tour" of the entertainment center! Wes is crafty.
So will he build the new ec?

Erin said...

I need a new kitchen table, Wes! I'll never get rid of it, either!