Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Special Birthday

She's twelve. It's hard to believe. But we could not be more proud of the lovely young woman she has become!
We had sort of an Asian theme for her party.

And for a party favor...a back-scratcher with an Asian woman on the handle. The girls loved it!
We took Addie and several of her friends to Benihana for lunch.

Our family was there too.

At least they had each other with all those girls!
The show!
They gave the birthday girl a bottle of Ramune (pronounced ram-oo-nay). I guess it's all the rage in Japan right now. It is kind of a cool design. There is a glass marble at the top that you push down to break the seal and release the carbonation.

The marble rattles around at the top of the bottle while you drink it...
They sang "Happy Birthday" accompanied by a tambourine and hand drum.
After lunch we came back to the house for cake and presents. I made Addie a checkerboard cake with 7-minute icing (her favorite).

A memorable birthday like this deserves a memorable gift!

She's one pretty cool kid!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! What a great one. They'll be in college before we know it!

Julie said...

WOW. She is one great kid! Happy Birthday Addie! You guys are the best of the best when it comes to parties. Love the gift too. Maybe we'll see you there.
And. . . oh, the cake. Wow on the cake too.

Anna said...

I can't believe she is twelve. Sounds like a birthday she will remember forever! U2! Happy birthday to her!

Ann Mitchell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADDIE! I wonder when U2 comes if they'll have a giant 2 next to the U on the mountain like they did last time?!