Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Papa's Birthday Means Pot Roast, Athletic Socks and Circus Peanuts

Here are some photos from my Dad's recent birthday celebration:

Thank goodness I had some helpers to prepare the 4-5 pounds of vegetables! I didn't peel one carrot! (I-man was there to help out with the potatoes)

After we all stuffed ourselves with pot roast (my dad's favorite meal), Kip's amazing bread and yummy fresh fruit - it was on to the delicious lemon cake with homemade lemon ice cream - made by my mom.

After dinner we had a special surprise! A little background first: When I was about 1 year old, my parents had a keepsake box made for each one of their children that had their name and picture on it. Most of my siblings have taken their keepsake boxes to their own homes. But I guess Kip and I procrastinated. Ours have been at my parent's home all these years. They brought them for us to go through and finally take into our possession. Kip went through his box first. A clipboard he decorated in elementary school.
A shoe that belonged to my mother.
A polyester shirt. Actually this shirt has a story. Many years ago when my dad first met my mom - he was immediately interested in setting up a date with this lovely young woman. At the time he and his brothers owned one of the first clothing stores in Provo. He approached my mom's brother Brent and said the if he arranged for a date with Janet - then my dad would get him a free shirt from Clarks clothing store! Brent followed through with the deal and somehow the actual shirt ended up in Kip's keepsake box!
My box was next.

It was mostly filled with silly things saved from high school and junior high but there were a few cool heirlooms. My dad brought this porcelain ballerina home from his mission to England for my mom. It is Royal Doulton porcelain.
Not sure why I saved this...
The presents were next. My cousin Nick drew this funny card.
And as expected - the gifts included athletic socks and orange circus peanuts. It wouldn't by my dad's birthday without them.

Love ya Dad! You are the best!


The Harrises said...

your family could live in Little house on the Prairie. So wholesome, so kind, so loving and such good cooks.

Jennette said...

Fantastic! Once again, a great family celebration/tradition by the Clark clan. I think that you all should write a book because every time I keep thinking, "I should do that." Love the keepsake boxes! And congrats to your dad. I always thought he was a really great guy

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Jon! What a lovely event!! He is one amazing and lucky man.
I am a daughter of God and I have many talents. And you wonder why you saved that? The answer is in the question.
Thanks for including a romantic pose of you and W.

Anna said...

Those keepsake boxes are wonderful. And once again, like Jennette said, you should write a book.