Friday, March 12, 2010

Have You Read This? Have You Seen This?

You can check out my most recent book recommendation on Desperate for a Good Read. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It's a quick and entertaining read. It was a little darker than I expected though.

Wow! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this documentary! My kids loved it too. The film is made up of behind the scenes footage of the creation of This is It - Michael Jackson's mind-blowing concert that was never to be. I believe he died eighteen days before the first concert. There were to be 50 shows - all at the O2 arena in London. All fifty shows sold out within a few hours of tickets going on sale. MJ was 50 years old at the time and hadn't toured for 10 years - but he was still the "King of Pop."
I never thought of myself as a huge Michael Jackson fan - but I have always appreciated his talent as a musician and a dancer. And there was plenty of both music and dancing (and a little crotch-grabbing). There were also many interviews that present a different side of MJ - that of a hard working, respectful, considerate, extremely talented musician that was anxiously looking forward to returning to the stage. It was fascinating!
And be sure to watch the special features!!

I decided to include this review I found on Amazon:
It's hard not to watch This Is It without feeling a mixture of sorrow and elation. When he passed away in the summer of 2009, Michael Jackson was in the midst of rehearsals for his final tour, an ambitious 50-date engagement. In editing 120 hours of rehearsal footage together, Jackson producer Kenny Ortega proves that it would've been an event for the ages. Michael performs material that spans his career, from a Motown medley to multi-platinum hits from Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. Though he hadn't toured in 10 years, it becomes instantly apparent, despite rumors to the contrary, that Jackson was still in full possession of that unmistakable voice--high-pitched whoops and all--and that he still had the gravity-defying moves of a man half his age. Jackson and Ortega also collaborated on some real showstoppers, such as a graveyard-set "Thriller"; an imposing "They Don't Care About Us," in which several dancers appear to morph into thousands; and a film noir sequence in which the singer slides in and out of Gilda and other black-and-white classics, singing "Smooth Criminal" all the while. Not everything works, like the Jackson 5 numbers, in which he flubs a few lyrics, claiming that his earpiece isn't working properly, but as he readily acknowledges, "That's what rehearsal is for." It's a tragedy that he didn't get the chance to share this dazzling show with the world, but Ortega allows fans to feel as if it actually happened--at least onscreen. --Kathleen C. Fennessy


Anna said...

I am glad to know you liked the MJ movie. I've been wanting to see I will.
I need to go get that book I guess. Everyone seems to like it.

kellykumquat said...

Love your book and movie recommendations! Trying to finish up "The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey" the second book a darling, youth fiction novel series. STILL haven't seen "This is it". UGH. Your review makes me want to see it all the more!

amushink said...

Did you cry? I cried like a baby through a third of the book.

This is It I can't wrap my mind around, not that he isn't a cultural icon and a talented performer. It's the heavy suspicion of child molest that makes me shun all things Jackson.

Jen said...

I read the book in two days and really enjoyed it, although I found it disturbing, too. Make sure you read the second book, Catching Fire. And I recently finished "The Help"--a book I think you would enjoy.

Darren and Chrissy said...

I recently read THe Hunger Games and Catching Fire and liked them too. I was surprised that I liked them so much because they were dark, but entertaining. Glad you liked them!

Julie said...

I just heard about this book last night. Sounds good!